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AI Book for Nonprofits

Why download Ascend? This free book will show you how to leverage AI to drive impact. Plus, you’ll learn:
  • How AI works and its key applications.
  • How to use AI to optimize your existing outreach and services content, create new and relevant content, and elevate your value proposition.
  • How AI can improve the experience of your donors, volunteers, and the people you serve, boosting their engagement and outcomes.
  • How AI can help you grow revenue, streamline output, and improve outcomes.

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Stay Up to Date on the Latest AI Trends and Use Cases for Your Nonprofit Organization

As AI evolves, so will this book. Ascend is continuously updated to reflect new AI developments, insights, and best practices. This will help ensure the content within remains actionable and relevant for you and your organization.


Matthew Van Cleave has worked with nonprofits worldwide since the 90's. As a leader at Salesforce, Oracle/NetSuite, and other software providers, Matthew has helped nonprofits of all sizes adopt software systems appropriate to their missions, including customer relationship management, financial management, ERP, and others. Matthew is committed to helping nonprofits embrace change by using best-in-class tools to accelerate mission impact.