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Intro to AI Webinar

CEO AI Mastermind 2024

In the swiftly advancing age of Artificial Intelligence, staying ahead is no longer just an advantage—it's a necessity. The Association CEO Mastermind Group for 2024 is your exclusive gateway to navigate this transformation. Tailored for Association & Nonprofit CEOs, our program ensures you don't just keep up with AI but lead with it.

Join the CEO Mastermind!

What to Expect

CEO-Centric Learning

AI isn't just about knowing; it's about leading. CEOs cannot simply delegate the basic understanding of AI. They must be equipped to wield AI to shape strategies. This is why our group is CEO-specific.

Monthly Virtual Gatherings
Engage in 90-minute in-depth discussions on core AI topics, from its practical applications to the strategies it demands, ensuring you're always a step ahead.
Monthly Office Hours with Experts

Benefit from a mid-month office-hours with Amith Nagarajan, host of the Mastermind program and expert on AI for associations. Bring any discussion topics you'd like help with!

Expert Guest Appearances

Periodically, we bring in external AI mavens, offering a diverse and fresh perspective to our discussions.

What the CEOs are saying:

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Participating in the CEO Mastermind Group has helped us begin developing strategies for utilizing AI to take advantage of emerging business opportunities and mitigate any risk the technology may present to our organization. We will be participating again in 2024.

Steve Carey-1
Steve Carey

President & CEO, NTEA - The Work Truck Association

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The AI CEO Mastermind was a great way to help my organization stay ahead of the curve. It was incredibly valuable to learn where things are going, where they currently stand, and how other participants are dealing with this new landscape.

Joe Skeel
Joe Skeel

Executive Director, Indiana State Bar Association

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I enjoyed participating in the AI Mastermind for CEOs over the past several months as it has helped me understand where we as association leaders need to focus our time and attention. The field of AI is evolving at warp speed, and these sessions are key to helping us stay current. I’m looking forward to the 2024 program which will allow me to include one of my senior staff.

Lawrence Sloan
Lawrence Sloan, MBA, CAE, FASAE

Chief Executive Officer, AIHA



  • Access to monthly virtual gatherings and office hours 

  • All access ticket to the digitalNow Conference (valued at $1500)

  • Option to add a key executive registration for an additional $2,500 

Key Benefits

  • Exclusive Resources & Content: Along with recordings of all sessions, summaries, and transcripts, our private online forum hosts exclusive content on emerging AI topics and practical implementation ideas.

  • Make-Up & Recorded Sessions: We'll record each meeting for you to review. If you miss the session, you can watch the recording and schedule a 1:1 make-up session to discuss any questions.

  • A Unique Live Session: Join us for a live and extended Mastermind session at the prestigious digitalNow 2024 conference. A rare chance for in-person networking and enriched learning during the Mastermind pre-conference and throughout the entire event.

  • Bring Your Key Executives: Bring up to 2 people from your executive leadership team to Mastermind meetings and digitalNow so you can learn and grow together and create staff level connections with other participating organizations.


Who is the Mastermind group for?
This group is for association professionals who are interested in making AI work for their association. There is no prerequisite knowledge required.  

While we strongly encourage 100% attendance across the sessions, we will also be recording the sessions and making them available in the online community for replay or if someone has to miss a meeting. 

Our only requirement is that you are curious and want to leverage this disruptive tech to benefit your association. Again, there is no prerequisite at all for knowledge of AI. 
What's the meeting schedule?
  • Mastermind Meetings - 2nd Thursday of Each Month @ 12:00pm ET for 90 Minutes

  • Office Hours with Amith - 4th Thursday of Each Month @ 12:00pm ET for 60 Minutes
What if I'm joining later in the year?

We're happy to pro-rate the investment based on the number of months you'll be involved with our Mastermind Group. Please note that we cannot pro-rate the cost of the digitalNow Conference ticket included in your registration. 

Amith Nagarajan

Amith is the author of Ascend: Unlocking the Power of AI for Associations. He has 3 decades of technology entrepreneurship experience and has helped associations for 25 of those years. He has been focused deeply on AI for nearly 10 years and is excited to share his knowledge and help association CEOs navigate into the future.


Mary is the author of Race for Relevance and is an acclaimed speaker, writer and advisor to some of the best known associations around the globe. In her work, she pushes associations to rethink what is possible, embrace innovation and forge ahead to a remarkable future.

Curious about leading in the Era of AI? 

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