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Beyond Bitcoin: Workshopping how associations can put blockchain to use

Join us for two interactive workshops on June 29 and July 13. Presented by digitalNow, "Beyond Bitcoin: Workshopping how associations can put blockchain to use" is  designed to help you understand where blockchain fits into your strategic technology plan.

Led by Rick Bawcum, CEO of Cimatri, and Jared Loftus, COO of, this workshop will help you get a clear understanding of blockchain, ledger technology, what the benefits are and how they’ll impact your organization now and in the future.

For $249, this workshop includes:

A two-part interactive series

Rick Bawcum and Jared Loftus will simplify the concept of blockchain in a two-part interactive workshop designed for association leaders.

An intimate workshop setting

We're only allowing 50 people in this workshop to ensure everyone can participate and get their questions answered.

Resources and recordings to view offline

Every participant will receive PDFs, Excel sheets and other useful resources, plus workshop recordings to review with your team.

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What you'll learn

Does blockchain fit into your strategic technology plan?

With some NFTs fetching millions of dollars and cryptocurrency prices soaring simply from a joke on “Saturday Night Live,” it can be tough to figure out where the blockchain begins and ends. That's where we come in. In this interactive workshop, you'll learn:

How to simplify a complex concept

We’ll focus on how the benefits of blockchain directly relate to real-world association use cases so both business and technology leaders will be better aligned.

How to use blockchain

We'll help you take a practical approach to blockchain to avoid wasting resources. We'll help you ensure your use case for is fully developed before jumping in. 

If blockchain is right for your association

Our program will help you understand if blockchain is the optimal solution for your organization by mapping its key benefits to your needs and capabilities.

What features are relevant to your association

We'll analyze blockchain's key benefits and features, including transparency, efficiency, and security, and explain why it has transformative potential.

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What to expect from this workshop

June 29 - 11 a.m. ET

Blockchain 101: A 45-minute interactive webinar
Jumpstart your understanding of blockchain technology in our introductory workshop. 

June 30 - July 12

Do the homework.
Dive further into the material. We'll send you a curated reading list and additional resources over email.

July 13 - 11 a.m. ET

Workshopping blockchain
Join fellow workshop participants and get your questions answered in our second workshop. 
Plus, begin to define how to put blockchain to work in your association.
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Meet the presenters

rick bawcum cimatri headshot
Rick Bawcum, CAE, CISSP
CEO of Cimatri

Similar to today’s ‘digital natives’, Rick developed an early familiarity with technology. His father was one of the original employees of Electronic Data Systems (EDS), so he spent many weekends tagging along to the various data centers where he worked. Rick’s first employment in the industry was as a computer operator at a major bank (now VISA) processing credit card transactions. Rick later moved on to Big 6 consulting and various corporate positions in technology and operations leadership roles.

He has always believed that skillful use of technology can be transformational. Rick has a penchant for ‘connecting the dots’ and helping organizations develop strategic plans that are actionable. Technology choices are not always obvious for business leaders. Rick’s passion is to help customers make use of technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain and the internet of things as game-changers for their organizations.

As the CEO of Cimatri, Rick’s role is to ensure the overall quality of deliverables. He works with association and non-profit clients on assessments, strategic planning, operations consulting, and information security. Rick’s professional experience includes leadership roles in organizations ranging from start-up to Fortune 1000. He enjoys traveling with his wife, their children and grandchildren. They love art, architecture and history.
jared loftus rasa headshot
Jared Loftus

Jared Loftus has been an entrepreneur his entire life. 

Whether in the world of artificial intelligence, education, or apparel, he's always had an eye out for what's coming next. 

He disrupted his own brick and mortar business in 2010 by selling it to focus on e-commerce. A year later, Forbes named him College Football's Biggest Entrepreneur. 

In 2014, states around the country made a massive shift in secondary education accountability by making the ACT mandatory for all juniors. Three years later, he was helping lead the fastest growing ACT test prep company, and the organization was on the Inc 500 list twice. 

Today, Jared is running things at and brings that same level of disruption to email newsletters through something he calls content relationship automation. In his spare time, he's been digging into blockchain and cryptocurrencies since 2017 and is excited it's being discussed amongst associations.

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