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Intro to AI Webinar

Associations have long been a powerful force for bringing together like-minded individuals to share ideas, best practices, and knowledge. However, in today's rapidly changing world, a pressing question arises: how can associations not only remain relevant but truly thrive? 

To address this challenge, associations must be bold. They need to have a clear vision, take risks, and embrace the power of technology. In particular, artificial intelligence (AI) holds great potential for helping associations transform and succeed in the years ahead. 

1) Understand the current state of AI and how it can be integrated into association management.  

AI technology has made tremendous strides in recent years, becoming more affordable and capable while offering tools that can greatly benefit associations. While not all AI will be relevant or accessible for your association, consider the potential benefits and start planning for its eventual adoption. 

As the association leader, it is important to develop a clear and compelling vision for your organization. Identify the problems and pain points faced by your members and prospective members and create a vision that addresses these needs. This vision should incorporate AI as a key component to help the association grow and evolve. 

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2) Invest in learning and be open to experimentation. 

Successful adaptation requires buy-in from your association’s most valuable assets – its employees. And employees who 1) are on the same page and 2) feel they are being invested in are more likely to get on board with change. You’ve heard of professional development. This is that. 

Organize educational workshops and webinars for staff and board members to expand their knowledge of AI technology and its applications. Encourage your team to attend industry conferences and meet with experts to stay informed about the latest advancements in AI. Create the time and space for this learning to take place. 

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3) Build a culture of innovation and adaptive change. 

In addition to harnessing the power of AI, it is critical that associations build a culture of innovation and adaptive change. This includes building strong relationships with team members and addressing any resistance to change. Open communication and honest conversations about the benefits of new technologies can help create a more supportive environment for growth, experimentation, and digital transformation. 

Creating a culture of innovation also involves listening to members and adjusting strategies based on their feedback. By understanding the needs, expectations, and desires of the members, associations can refine their vision and remain relevant amidst an ever-changing world. 

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4) Accept the idea of failure and get ready for reevaluation. 

Finally, associations must continue to learn and reevaluate their vision and strategies as new opportunities and challenges arise. The increasing role of AI in various industries will continue to require adaptability and a willingness to embrace change and innovation. 

Associations have an incredible opportunity to remain relevant and thrive in today's ever-changing landscape by embracing AI technology. With a clear vision that involves harnessing the power of AI intelligently, fostering a culture of innovation, and building strong relationships with team members and members alike, associations can look forward to a future of growth, success, and unshakeable relevance.  

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Amith Nagarajan
Post by Amith Nagarajan
July 11, 2023
Amith Nagarajan is an entrepreneur who believes in combining purpose, passion and profit. Amith grew up in Silicon Valley and, in 1993, started Aptify, which is now part of Community Brands. He is the Chairman of Blue Cypress, a family of purpose driven companies which focus on helping associations, non-profits, and other purpose-driven organizations achieve long term sustainability. More at