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Intro to AI Webinar

What is an intangible asset? Intangible assets refer to valuable resources that cannot be physically touched or seen but hold value. For associations, these include brand reputation, content, and social networks. 

These assets play a crucial role in their ability to deliver value to members and stakeholders. However, the proliferation of new communication channels and changing member expectations contribute to a shifting landscape for associations and the value they provide. 

In this first part of the series, we’ll take a closer look at changes to brand reputation management and how associations can overcome emerging challenges with specific AI tools and techniques. 

Protecting your association’s brand reputation is trickier in the digital age. 

Traditionally, associations have enjoyed a comfortable position as trusted and neutral parties in their market. However, as brand management becomes a complex challenge, that comfortability is fading for many associations. Emerging obstacles include: 

  • Expanded Online Presence: The rise of social media has significantly increased the visibility and reach of associations. While this provides opportunities for engagement and promotion, it also poses challenges in terms of managing online reputation, addressing negative feedback, and ensuring consistent messaging across various platforms. 
  • Heightened Expectation of Instantaneous Communication: With the advent of real-time communication channels like social media, associations need to be more responsive than ever. Any delays in addressing member concerns can spread quickly and harm the association's reputation. 
  • Increased Expectations for Transparency: Especially today, stakeholders expect associations to be accountable and transparent. Failure to share information openly, addressing concerns promptly, or demonstrate ethical behavior can lead to a loss of trust. 
  • Evolving Member Demographics: Younger members often have different expectations and preferences when it comes to engagement, communication, and value-propositions. Associations should adapt these changing expectations to ensure their brand remains relevant. 
  • Increased Competition: In addition to competition from other similar organizations, associations now face competition from alternative sources of information and networking platforms. Social media groups, online communities, and industry-specific platforms have emerged as alternatives for professionals seeking networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities. 

To address these challenges, associations should prioritize proactive brand management strategies. In practice, this might look like ensuring consistent messaging across the brand, engaging on social media, and focusing on delivering value to members above all else.

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Your association can protect its brand reputation by leveraging AI. Here’s how. 

AI-powered solutions can help your association address these challenges to brand reputation in several ways:

  • Use Social Media Monitoring and Sentiment Analysis: AI-powered social media monitoring tools can track mentions of your association across platforms. These tools use natural language processing and sentiment analysis algorithms to gauge the sentiment behind the mentions, helping associations identify and address any negative feedback or issues promptly.
  • Deploy Chatbots for Real-Time Engagement: Using an AI-powered chatbots on your site and social media platforms allows your association to provide instant responses to member inquiries and offer personalized assistance. These chatbots positively impact brand reputation by enhancing member engagement, providing consistent messaging, and ensuring prompt responses.
    • Tools to check out: Betty is a chatbot tool designed specifically for associations.  
  • Content Personalization and Recommendation: AI-powered recommendation engines can analyze member preferences, behavior, and engagement patterns to deliver personalized content recommendations. This enhances the member experience and strengthens brand loyalty.
  • Data Analytics for Member Insights: AI-powered data analytics tools can analyze member data, including demographics, behavior, and engagement metrics. These insights help your association to better understand member preferences, identify trends, and tailor your strategies to meet member expectations.
    • Tools to check out: Skip, Looker, and Tableau can be used for AI-enhanced data analysis. 

While AI-powered solutions can be valuable, it's important to note that associations should carefully consider their specific needs, budget, and resources before implementing these tools. Your association should conduct thorough research and testing to ensure a chose solution aligns with its goals and addresses its challenges. 

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Maintain your members' trust by using the right tools. 

Associations must recognize the importance of brand reputation management and the role that AI-powered solutions can play in addressing the challenges they face. By adopting these tools strategically and aligning them with their specific needs and goals, associations can enhance their brand reputation, build trust with members, and deliver exceptional member experiences. It's crucial that associations stay informed about the latest AI advancements, invest in the right tools, and continuously adapt their strategies to meet the evolving expectations of their members. With a proactive approach and the integration of AI-powered solutions, associations can thrive in the digital era and maintain their relevance and impact in the industry. 

Tune in for the next installation of this series where we'll explore the emerging challenges to and pertinent solutions for association content strategy. 

To learn more about how associations can unlock the power of AI to leverage their intangible assets, download our free book "Ascend: Unlocking the Power of AI for Associations." This book provides valuable insights and practical guidance on how associations can embrace AI and stay competitive in the digital age.

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Julia DeBell
Post by Julia DeBell
October 3, 2023
Julia DeBell is a Marketing Specialist and former Sidecar employee. She is passionate about creating value through content from a data driven perspective.