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Intro to AI Webinar

Translation has always been at the heart of global communication. From the age-old practices of human interpreters, whispering words of diplomacy in the ears of world leaders, to the advent of written translation that allowed for the exchange of knowledge across cultures, our world has thrived on understanding across language barriers. In the 20th century, with the rise of computers, we saw the first attempts at machine translation—a technological venture that aimed to simplify and accelerate the translation process.  

Fast forward to today and artificial intelligence has transformed that early vision into a sophisticated reality. Now, with AI-driven translation tools, associations have a golden ticket to globalize their content seamlessly. The opportunity to reach an international audience, ensuring everyone, no matter their language, gets to partake in the conversation, is just a click away. 

Join us as we delve into the wonders of AI translation, dish out the best practices, and highlight some real-world examples tailored for associations. Buckle up; it's time to go global! 

Benefits of Embracing AI Translation 

The transition to AI for translations isn't just about keeping up with the tech times; it's about realizing its myriad of benefits that can propel an association to new heights. Here's what's in store when you give AI the linguistic reins.  

With content in various languages, your association can connect with potential members from all corners of the globe. Offering content in native languages also ensures that all members feel included, valued, and at home with your organization. And the cost and efficiency of these benefits is transformative – AI can step in to deliver quick and cost-effective solutions, giving your association’s influence a major boost!  

Best Practices for AI Translation 

Dipping your toes into AI-driven translation is exhilarating, but like any powerful tool, it comes with a manual of best practices. Here are some golden rules to live by when you are using AI translation tools: 

  1. Honesty First: Make sure your audience knows when content is AI-translated. Transparency fosters trust. 
  1. Quality Checks: A bilingual review can spot any nuances the AI might miss. It's always good to have a human touch. 
  1. Highlight Your Best: Begin by translating the content that garners the most attention. It's like giving your hits a global tour. 
  1. Smart Language Choices: Analyze your audience's demographics to prioritize which languages to adopt first. 

Associations Taking the Global Leap 

Associations have a rich tapestry of content that can flourish in the international arena with the help of AI translation. From web content to event materials, here are some ideas for how you can utilize AI magic in your organization: 

  • Globalize Your Website: Welcome international visitors with open arms by offering your website in multiple languages. 
  • Event Enhancements: Why not provide translated event materials? It’s a step towards a globally-friendly gathering. 
  • Newsletter Nuances: Reach out to global members with newsletters that speak their language, literally. 
  • Universal Best Practices: Make your key educational resources available to everyone by translating them. 
  • Social Media Without Boundaries: Amplify your social media engagement by catering to a diverse audience with translated content. 

Check out tools like HeyGen for video translation or for translating marketing and sales materials. Amith Nagarajan and Mallory Mejias of Blue Cypress talked about their own experiments with HeyGen in the first episode of the Sidecar Sync. Check it out here and subscribe to future episodes so you never miss the latest AI advancements for associations. 


Embracing AI translation means standing on the shoulders of centuries of translation practices and technological advances. For associations, this tool is more than just tech—it's a passport to global influence. By strategically integrating AI translations and prioritizing quality, associations can effortlessly engage with diverse linguistic audiences. Consider kickstarting with a pilot program, and you might find a compelling case to make multilingual content a cornerstone of your association. In our interconnected world, it's all about breaking down language barriers and forging meaningful connections. Let's make the world a smaller place, one translation at a time! 

Johanna Gundlach
Post by Johanna Gundlach
November 10, 2023
Johanna Gundlach is Senior Advisor to the Sidecar team and the first employee of Blue Cypress. She is passionate about helping grow leaders in the association and not-for-profit space. Outside of her work with Sidecar, Johanna loves exploring the mountains with her dog Laci.