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With many organizations streamlining their content production processes to increase engagement and efficiency, it can be tough to stand out from the crowd. That’s where creative brand naming comes in.

When you’re trying to stay competitive, it’s not enough to be ordinary. To immediately capture the attention of potential new members, vendors and sponsors, you need what Alexandra Watkins calls “a GRABBER:” Something that quickly communicates your message, makes a powerful emotional connection and resonates with your target audience. It all starts with the name.

Recently, we held a workshop on creating brand names with Watkins, the author of “Hello, my name is awesome: How to create brand names that stick” and a leading and outspoken authority on brand names with buzz. In it, she shared her experience creating love-at-first sight brand names — for clients including Amazon, Coca-Cola, Disney, Google, and Twitter through working with her naming firm, Eat My Words — and offered advice on creating memorable and engaging names for your organization’s content.

According to Alexandra, when picking the perfect name for your event it all comes down to one question:

“How do you want your members to react to the names of your publications, events, courses, workshops, webinars, products and more?”

Surely not with confusion, disinterest or negativity. When a name is hard to pronounce or understand, your audience is less likely to engage with the content and even less likely to remember it.

You want your members to hear about an upcoming event, workshop or bootcamp with interest, excitement and positivity. Generating positive optics around your content increases the chance of engaged participants, recommendations and raises the likelihood of attendance at future events. Creating a name that stands out and attracts attention can boost your engagement tremendously.

Paying attention to the reactions in response to your content, as well as the do’s and don'ts of naming them, will allow your organization to successfully brand your webinars, sponsor titles, social media handles, newsletters, blogs, member levels, educational material, awards, job titles and so much more.

You’ll know you’ve made the right choice, because Alexandra shared that great names:

  • Make a valuable first impression
  • Help you stand out and get noticed
  • Provide countless branding opportunities
  • Get tweeted and repeated
  • Give you an edge over competitors

Following Alexandra’s advice will propel your organization from ordinary to competitive, increasing your engagement and brand opportunities in the process. By asking yourself this question, and looking for tell-tale outcomes, your organization can guarantee its content names are exciting, memorable and compelling to the audience.

Ashley Neal
Post by Ashley Neal
February 8, 2021
Ashley is a marketing and communications professional with expertise in sales conversion, copywriting, and social media.