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Intro to AI Webinar

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming industries across the globe, and associations are no exception. As AI technologies continue to evolve, they offer unique opportunities for associations to improve operations, enhance member experiences, and innovate in new ways. However, the full potential of AI can only be realized when we share knowledge and collaborate with one another. 

By learning how different associations are leveraging AI, we can benefit the broader community by:

  • Sharing Insights: When you share how your association is using AI, it opens up a wealth of knowledge for everyone involved. By understanding each other's strategies, successes, and challenges, we can learn from one another and gain new perspectives, helping us stay on the cutting edge of AI trends and best practices.
  • Encouraging Discussion: There’s no doubt: AI is a complex field with many different applications. By hearing from you, we can stimulate engaging and insightful discussions about the role AI plays across different associations. These conversations can lead to creative solutions and novel ideas, driving innovation within your organization.
  • Inspiring Innovation: When we share our experiences with AI, we inspire others to think differently about how to use it. You may find inspiration in other associations’ approaches, sparking new initiatives and projects that may not have been considered otherwise. This collaborative approach can lead to groundbreaking advancements that benefit all involved.

Contribute to the AI Discussion

To facilitate this exchange of knowledge, we're asking our association members to fill out a short form explaining how they're currently using AI. Your input will help us:

  • Create a comprehensive understanding of AI usage within our community: By gathering information about your experiences, we can build a more complete picture of how AI is being leveraged across different associations—and create more tailored learning content and resources for association-specific AI use cases.
  • Identify common trends and challenges: This will allow us to tailor resources and support to better meet the needs of our members.
  • Foster a community of collaboration and innovation: By sharing your experiences, you can contribute to a culture of openness and exchange within the association space.

Fill out the form below to share your experiences, and thank you in advance!  

Not sure if you want to share your organization's AI work with the public? Don't worry. Select the checkmark next to “Keep My Answers Anonymous?” on the form to keep your submission anonymous. 


Allison Kral
Post by Allison Kral
April 17, 2024
Allison is a senior consultant at Ready North. She joined the agency in March 2021 and is a 2014 graduate from Ohio University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in magazine journalism from the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism. With a background in magazine journalism, Allison harbors a love for writing and storytelling. She loves creating compelling content that engages readers and ignites conversations. Allison enjoys working in a fast-paced industry where she can grow, learn, and test her skills. She thrives in environments where she’s able to wear many hats—including writing, editing, marketing, social media management, and more.