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When the landmark CARES Act was signed into law, many in the United States were able to breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the unprecedented $2 trillion stimulus package was on the way with some help.

That relief, however, is immediately tempered by the next obstacle: Figuring out exactly what the 900-page act means for your family and business. 

While there are plenty of explainers out there to help individuals and families crunch the numbers on whether they’ll see any cash land directly in their bank accounts, we’ve rounded up a few helpful links for those looking to find out exactly what the CARES Act does for your association. 

The main takeaway? There is help available. Make sure you educate yourself on the ways your organization can take advantage of the stimulus package for the good of your members, and for the good of your staff. 

  • The American Society of Association Executives has rounded up major provisions that might apply to your association into a one-page document. 
  • Law firms Venable LLP and Arnold & Porter go into a little more detail, specifically for how nonprofits can benefit from the CARES Act. 
  • The Non-Profit Times identifies seven key ways nonprofits can seek help from the CARES Act. NonProfit Quarterly also took a crack at identifying how nonprofits can use the new laws. 
  • Leaders from the Christian executive search firm Vanderbloemen took questions about what the CARES Act can do for nonprofits and faith-based organizations during a Facebook Live, which they recapped on their website
Chelsea Brasted
Post by Chelsea Brasted
March 30, 2020
Chelsea is a local reporter in New Orleans for Axios, a new media company.