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The switch to virtual created a unique opportunity for those looking to connect with new people: Accessibility to influential people is more possible than ever. With Zoom opening doors to face-to-face meetings that would have previously been difficult or even impossible, there’s a new, helpful opportunity to connect with industry professionals from around the world and enlist their help in your personal brand or business.

But how can you take advantage of these opportunities and identify potential new mentors? Well-known global speaker and founder of Twomentor, Julie Kantor, shared the 10 ingredients you should be looking for when vetting a potential new mentor.


One of the most important qualities in a great mentor is positivity. Having a mentor with a positive attitude increases your likelihood of success in business endeavors and relationships. A positive attitude attracts others and allows them to confidently support your reputation and work.

Asks good questions

You need a mentor who asks good questions during your conversations. Having another invested and intelligent mind to bounce ideas off of and gain insight from is key to developing and growing. Asking questions also helps you to realize when a proposition may not be the best.

Good listener

A key trait in any good mentor is their ability to be a good listener. A dismissive and uninterested mentor will not gain the results and help you need from them. Finding a mentor that is genuinely invested in hearing your plans, ambitions and goals for the future will lead to greater success. 


Find a mentor with an open mind. Innovation, growth and prosperity doesn’t happen when your support system is stuck in the past and unable to accept change. 


It might seem obvious, but you need to find a mentor who is available to you on a regular basis. Proposing a set time to chat each week is just the foundation of a mentor/mentee relationship. Having a mentor who is readily available to accept calls when unexpected business arises will be much more beneficial to you.

Willing to meet you where you are

Similar to being non-judgemental, your mentor must also be willing to help you work your way up the success ladder. Many times potential mentors have said they refuse to work with someone who isn’t already at XYZ. Avoid these mentors and find someone who is willing to help you, no matter your current situation.

Understands your challenge

One way to assure your mentor knows what you are dealing with is to find one who has dealt with the same issues in the past. Learning from others’ mistakes and triumphs is the best way to help yourself through the same problem. Why go through it again when you can ask for the best approach?

Industry perspective

You want a well-versed mentor. Whether an established face in your industry or a newcomer with multiple expertises, finding a mentor who has a good perspective on industry trends and solutions will help you grow much more quickly than one without.

Willing to introduce you to people

Unfortunately, some mentors have trouble introducing their mentees to business associates or friends. Search for a mentor who is comfortable with public speaking and has connections and relationships with industry personalities and other business professionals. These mentors are more likely to give you helpful connections for the future.

Open to sponsorship

 “A mentor speaks with you, a sponsor speaks about you,” shared Kantor. 

The best mentor is someone who goes out of their way to promote and advocate on your behalf. Find a mentor who you are confident is comfortable vouching for you behind closed doors.

No matter which route you take to find a great mentor, keeping Kantor’s ingredients in mind will allow you to easily narrow down the candidate pool and make the best decision for your future success. 

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Ashley Neal
Post by Ashley Neal
February 1, 2021
Ashley is a marketing and communications professional with expertise in sales conversion, copywriting, and social media.