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When was the last time your workplace sparked wonder? Embracing awe in the office or on a job site might sound unconventional, but it's the hallmark of innovative leadership.

In a world where 70% of workers grapple with burnout, fostering an awe mindset emerges as a strategic solution to inspire and combat stress—the root cause of resignations. Cultivating awe not only contributes to a happier and more empathetic work environment but also propels individuals toward goal-oriented success.

While the concept of awe might seem unfamiliar, it's a powerful emotion that can reshape your approach to leadership. Wondering how to practice awe? Here's the lowdown on the awe mindset and four actionable ways to leverage it for employee motivation.

What is an Awe Mindset?

Unlocking innovative leadership is pivotal in keeping your team motivated and content. Demonstrating care for your employees involves using creativity to tailor unique and personalized solutions that recognize the diverse talents within your team. No one-size-fits-all solutions here. Embracing an awe mindset might just be the game-changer.

This mindset, characterized by a profound sense of wonder and amazement, involves approaching life with openness and receptivity to the extraordinary. Awe is more than just an emotional response—it's a catalyst for positive impacts on mood, generosity, and intelligence. Ready to infuse your leadership style with awe? Here's how an awe mindset can reshape the game.

How to Use an Awe Mindset to Motivate Your Team

You can't get inside your employees’ heads, but you can take actionable steps to allow them to find sources of awe. Wharton University describes eight wonders that can help you experience it: music, nature, visual designs, big ideas, stories about life and death, moral beauty, collective effervescence, and transcendence. Below, we explore four ways to incorporate these wonders into your work culture.

1. Encourage Music

Encouraging an awe mindset among team members involves strategic initiatives aimed at fostering inspiration and motivation in the workplace. One effective approach is to leverage the emotional impact of music. By incorporating calming or uplifting tunes in common spaces like the reception area, leaders set a positive tone for everyone entering the workspace. Additionally, providing employees the freedom to personalize their workspaces with headphones or Bluetooth speakers allows them to curate a musical environment that resonates with their individual preferences. In a remote work setting, creating a virtual space, such as a Slack or Teams channel, where employees can share their favorite songs, can foster a sense of community and inspiration.

2. Design Outdoor Workspaces

Another avenue to cultivate awe is by designing outdoor workspaces and integrating natural elements indoors. Encouraging employees to take advantage of outdoor spaces with laptops or notebooks can lead to fresh perspectives and creative insights. When it comes to the office environment, indoor workspaces designed to maximize natural light and incorporate plants contribute to a visually appealing environment that enhances overall well-being. Nature-themed decorations, such as artwork or photographs of outdoor landscapes, further contribute to an awe-inspiring atmosphere.

3. Invest in Visuals

Visual stimuli play a crucial role in creating a workplace that sparks creativity and inspiration. Investing in visually striking elements, such as artwork, accent walls, or stunning photographs strategically placed throughout the office, provides employees with visual stimulation and inspiration. Allowing team members to personalize their workspaces with visuals that inspire them personally, such as motivational posters or images of awe-inspiring places, contributes to a visually rich and motivating work environment. For employees working from home, encourage them to share their workspaces and design ideas with the team, if they’re comfortable.

4. Acknowledge Success

Finally, acknowledging and celebrating success is a powerful way to instill awe and motivation within the team. Publicly praising team members for unique ideas or successful accomplishments not only recognizes their efforts but also inspires awe in others. Explaining the significance behind the acknowledgment helps team members understand the impact of their contributions, fostering a deeper appreciation for the value they bring to the organization. Cultivating a culture of celebration through regular acknowledgment of individual and collective victories ensures an ongoing sense of awe and motivation within the team. This praise can be shared via email or your other team communications channels, such as Slack or Zoom.

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Post by Beth Rush
December 27, 2023