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Have you ever heard people talking about "the future of work," particularly in the wake of the pandemic? 

Well, guess what? The future has arrived, and associations need to be aware of the shifts and trends that are shaping the workplace in 2023 and for the coming years. 

Welcome to the Sidecar Water Cooler Show, the show that will mentally hydrate, educate, and motivate you to have a productive workweek.

Workplace trends are shifting quickly, and your association should be ahead of the curve not only to create progressive organizations but to help members find success as well. 

And while there are plenty of important workplace trends, these are the top 5 we’ve been eyeing the most.

1. Hiring & Retention Challenges

In 2023, businesses will continue to have hiring and retention challenges. 

Workers are no longer accepting pre-pandemic working conditions like toxic work environments, having to work constantly in an office and unfair compensation. 

Even managers are quitting due to a lack of advancement opportunities, which means successful hiring and staff retention strategies will be critical this year.

2. Employee Wellbeing

Companies are also paying attention to employee well-being: According to the Surgeon General's Report on Mental Health and Well-Being, 81% of employees will seek out workplaces that promote mental health. 

For organizations, that means prioritizing employees' happiness and health by providing additional benefits, greater flexibility in work schedules, and an overall positive workplace experience.

3. Doubling Down on DEI

The Emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) will continue in 2023 as companies recognize that a diverse and inclusive workforce is not only the right thing to do but also good for business. 

Research shows that inclusive teams improve performance by up to 30%

4. Skills-based Hiring

Skills-based hiring is also on the rise. According to recent research by Remote, hiring based on skills regardless of an applicant’s degree is up 63% in the past year. This trend helps remove career and salary barriers for over two-thirds of adults without a bachelor's degree. 

It also broadens the talent pool, increases the speed of hiring, and adds greater diversity of thought to the workplace. 

A win for both employers and employees. 

5. Upskilling the Workforce

In this rapidly changing highly competitive work environment, organizations are prioritizing reskilling and upskilling their workforce through coaching, courses, training, and exposure to different strategies. 

The good news is 94% of employees say that they would stay longer at a job if employers provided training and development opportunities. 

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So how about you? How many of these trends sound like challenges your association is facing already?  How many of these trends are you already implementing at your association? Are you investing in technology? Are you prioritizing your employees’ well-being, DEI and lifelong learning? 

Let us know in the comments below and keep following the Sidecar Water Cooler Show if you want to stay mentally hydrated and motivated during the week.

Tamer Ezzat
Post by Tamer Ezzat
March 14, 2023
Tamer Ezzat is a curious filmmaker with a unique visual style. He studied digital special effects at NYU and has been working in media for over 20 years. When he’s not editing, he enjoys biking and laying on the sandy beaches of Long Island, where he lives with his wife and daughter.