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Intro to AI Webinar

One of the coolest things about the digitalNow conference is the opportunity to connect with our Resource Center Partners — the organizations that sponsor digitalNow and are just as dedicated to finding new technologies and solutions that help us serve our members better. 

But let’s be honest: Even with all the connections you make at digitalNow, sponsoring an event can be a financially tough thing to do for a new or growing business. And if you’re new to the industry, you may not even be sure that this kind of investment makes sense every time. 

As entrepreneurs ourselves at Sidecar and within the Blue Cypress networking of businesses, we’ve been thinking about exactly that problem and came up with two roadblocks: 

  1. How can we make sure that association executives and leaders who attend digitalNow are learning about the latest and greatest technology to impact our industry? 
  2. How can we make sure organizations that could be offering game-changing solutions can take part in digitalNow even if they’re not yet generating the kind of revenue that would make sponsoring the event an easy choice? 

And, for the first time, we’re looking to fix them: In our new Industry Entrepreneur program, we’re offering new organizations the chance to apply for a spot at digitalNow. 

For about the cost of two registrations, our selected Industry Entrepreneurs will be able to send two members of their team to digitalNow to mix, mingle and connect with association leaders. (Want to learn more about the value of attending? Hear directly from our 2021 Resource Center Partners about their experience! They and their solutions will get introduced from the stage and have their logos included in all marketing materials. Applying for the program is easy — you can submit your application online in about 5 minutes — and applications are due June 15. Winners will be notified by July 6.

Chelsea Brasted
Post by Chelsea Brasted
May 18, 2022
Chelsea is a local reporter in New Orleans for Axios, a new media company.