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You’re on our site. You’re reading our blog. You might even be subscribed to our newsletter (and no, that isn’t membership). So you have an idea about who we are and what we do. But do you know what it means to be a Sidecar member?

Sidecar membership means access to the professional development tools you need to grow yourself as a leader at any level within associations, nonprofits and purpose-driven organizations of any type.

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Sidecar Academy Offers Professional Development that Fits Your Schedule.

Sidecar currently offers 30 self-paced courses available exclusively to members.That’s 56+ hours of material and the list is always growing.

We understand that one of the most common hesitations around investing in professional development is the time commitment. You’re already busy - how can you fit another thing in your schedule? Through flexible, bite-sized content that was built to be consumed whenever it works for you.

Some of our popular courses include:

For an example of what Sidecar courses look like, take a look at our free course, “Intro to Associations”

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Sidecar Community Connects you with Fellow Association Thought Leaders.

The Sidecar Community is dedicated to conversation about what’s happening in the association space. With a Sidecar membership, you are able to connect directly with fellow association professionals to gain insights about how other organizations are handling challenges, commiserate over association-space speed bumps, and even get a sneak peek at what your peers are listening to and reading.

What is the Sidecar community talking about? The most recent posts include discussions include:

  • What are your favorite books on building an association?
  • Want to improve your member engagement?
  • DAOs are already making their way into our daily lives!
  • How Motivation Behind Membership is Evolving
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Sidecar Video Provides Access to Replays of All Past Events.

As a Sidecar member, you will have exclusive access to replays from every year of SURGE, digitalNow 2021, and all past webinars. This access allows you to rewatch sessions you loved, be present for sessions you may have missed, and delve deeply into an amazingly wide number of topics from an expansive group of association experts.

To name a few, you’ll have access to:

Sidecar Learning Library Supplies Downloadable Resources

The learning library houses 125+ downloadable resources ranging from eBooks to templates to event transcripts. These resources are designed to accompany you throughout your professional development and help you to implement your learnings within your organization.

Sidecar Memberships Provides Professional Development that Meets You Where You Are.

Here at Sidecar, we take our core purpose seriously and lean whole-heartedly into creating content that develops leaders at every level. We offer a professional development platform that provides a combination of self-led courses, expansive material from a diverse group of experts, and a unique community of like-minded association professionals.

Sidecar membership allows you to maximize your professional development by allowing you the flexibility you need while encouraging you to keep going.

Julia DeBell
Post by Julia DeBell
August 4, 2022
Julia DeBell is a Marketing Specialist and former Sidecar employee. She is passionate about creating value through content from a data driven perspective.