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An organization’s core ideology is like its constitution. It serves as a foundation that guides the organization toward future growth and helps maintain a consistent culture that upholds its mission.

Revisiting your association’s core ideology can help provide direction during company transitions, changes of leadership, a cultural transformation or uncertain times. 

Here are questions to consider when defining and implementing your organization’s core ideology:

Why does your organization exist?

Your organization’s core purpose was probably set long before you joined the team.

It should not be changed (though it can be updated) unless there has been a massive overhaul or restructuring. It should be clearly communicated on your website, marketing materials and job listings. 

In everyday operations, make sure each project and goal is clearly aligned with the purpose. If something isn’t serving your core purpose, don’t expend resources on it.

​How will your organization fulfill its purpose? 

Your organization’s core values need to be clear, unique and unambiguous. They should not be basic, common sense values like “honesty” that every organization should already incorporate into their work. 

Instead, core values should be things that set your organization apart. 

When re-defining your organization’s core values, focus on differentiation. Look to other associations in the industry or similar industries and compare your values to theirs. What can you incorporate that no one else has? If everywhere you look has similar sets of values that you cannot stray from, think about how you can implement them in better ways.

Everyday projects should adhere to your core values as well. For example, if one of your values is education, much of your work should be focused on delivering learning solutions to your customers and ensuring their success.

​Where is your organization headed? 

Your core vision is a representation of how your future will look if you fulfill your purpose and stay true to your values.

You can keep your organization on track by having disciplined execution. This involves sharp project management skills and regular check-ins to track important milestones.     

Once you have defined your organization’s core ideology, you’ll be prepared to move forward and establish a stronger organizational culture.

How can you make sure you’re implementing your organization’s core ideology? It starts with the hiring process.

When you interview potential employees, ask them whether your core purpose resonates with them, if it excites them and how they see themselves contributing to it.

Heather Nolan
Post by Heather Nolan
August 31, 2020
Heather a skilled communicator with expertise in social media and marketing strategy, brand management and journalism. She uses storytelling and audience growth skills to help companies showcase their brand and expand their reach.