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When It Comes to Your Audience, Sometimes Local Means Global

As organizations prepare to expand outside the US, experienced executives are keenly aware of potential pitfalls and go to great lengths to prepare accordingly. The most successful initiatives certainly include a significant investment in research to help understand the new environment and the local conditions the association is set to operate in.  What are the […]

Everything You Need to Know About Board Diversity

For organizations everywhere, DEI remains top of mind. It’s led to creating roles like Chief Diversity Officer and countless studies that help us understand the headway we’ve made, along with some of the most significant gaps. While we are seeing more diversity in association leadership and membership, most boards rarely share the same makeup, and […]

4 Steps to Create a Successful Nonprofit Awareness Campaign

When we think of awareness in a business context, many of us think of mass marketing or general brand awareness. In other words, massive dollars spent on advertising targeting a broad audience resulting in low conversion rates and minimal return on investment. While you may not remember the last advertisement you saw, I bet you […]

Association Newcomer: Do Associations Affect Policy?

As purpose-driven organizations, the goal of an association is to improve the lives of its members and the industries they serve. While this often happens through education and resources, it can also be done on a much larger scale. For association newcomers, there’s a lot to learn about how your new organization works and what […]

How This Nonprofit Raised Every Staffer’s Salary to a $70K Minimum

Back in 2021 – at the height of the pandemic and as many organizations looked for ways to cut back – Choose 180, a Seattle non-profit, raised staffer salaries to $70,000. “For some of the organization’s 24 staff, the pay hikes amounted to a $20,000 annual raise in an instant, using existing funds” according to The Seattle […]

Everything You Need to Know About Mentorship

A mentor is someone who imparts knowledge, guides mentees professionally and advocates for opportunities. However, a lot more goes into it than just that. Knowing who your mentees are and what they need, establishing a program and ensuring wisdom exchange is done properly can all contribute to the success or failure of a mentorship program.  […]

What Does It Mean To Be an Ally in the Workplace?

An important takeaway from the Women in the Workplace study from McKinsey & Company was that women, especially women of color, are continuing to have challenging experiences at work. Whether it’s caused by excess workload or a lack of representation in leadership, this environment is leading to an increase in burnout, and in many cases, […]

4 Crucial Facts About Women in the Workplace Today

Since 2015, the Women in the Workplace study from LeanIn.Org and McKinsey & Company has been the largest study on the state of women in corporate America. Over the years, this data has been invaluable for understanding the roadblocks women face in the workforce and finding opportunities to empower them. For the 2021 study, much […]

Why associations can no longer stay neutral: The increased importance of ethics, trust and transparency

In the second chapter, speakers focused on governance issues and discussed how and why boards have had to stand up and speak out on current issues.

4 ways for your staff to volunteer virtually

For associations, virtual volunteerism allows employees to stay connected and engaged, provides a feeling of fulfillment and perspective, as well as the opportunity to serve their community from the safety of their own couch.

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