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How to Make the Most of Attending an Association Conference

Whether you’re entirely new to the association industry, attending a conference for the first time or are simply rusty after a few years of virtual events, conference season is here and it’s time to get ready.  As a first-timer myself (visit us at booth 1004 at ASAE’s Annual Meeting!), I was curious about how to […]

Association Newcomer: Do Associations Affect Policy?

As purpose-driven organizations, the goal of an association is to improve the lives of its members and the industries they serve. While this often happens through education and resources, it can also be done on a much larger scale. For association newcomers, there’s a lot to learn about how your new organization works and what […]

What You Need to Know About Association Committees

When it comes to associations and nonprofits, there is no shortage of volunteer opportunities. However, few roles have as significant an impact as serving on an association committee. These groups work as an extension of the board of directors and are tasked with anything from day-to-day operations to major initiatives that can change the course […]

Everything You Need to Know About Boards of Directors

In an association, you likely have staff and an executive director or CEO who handle day-to-day operations. So what does the board of directors do? Put simply, they control the overarching strategy and direction of the association. But who are they, how were they chosen and what does their role actually entail?  Here is everything […]

Association Newcomer: Exploring Roles & Career Opportunities

Whether you’re looking to make a difference in an industry or simply want to be a part of a mission-driven organization, career opportunities in the association space can satisfy that need. But if you’ve never heard of the industry – and trust us, there are plenty who haven’t – how do you get started and what jobs […]

Association Newcomer: The Value of Volunteering

Purpose-driven organizations have a significant impact on communities, industries and individuals, often with a small team of dedicated staffers. However, these staff sizes can also pose a challenge for organizations as they, for example, look to grow their audience, create new programming opportunities, or even look to host more ambitious events.  While this may be […]

How Do You Get CAE Credits?

For association professionals, credentials are the pinnacle of success – and nothing says you made it quite like adding CAE to your bio. The Certified Association Executive certification is one of the highest standards in the association management industry and requires passing an exam and a dedication to continuing education.  So how do you get it, […]

Association Newcomer: Understanding Organizational Structures

Organizational structures vary depending on the association. While there are some organizations with hundreds of employees representing huge industries, others are almost entirely volunteer-led and represent a regional or highly specialized profession.  What’s important to remember is that the size of the staff is not as important as the structure and efficiency with which the […]

Association Newcomer: Types of Associations

The association world is an eclectic industry filled with organizations of all shapes and sizes, in just about every industry and with different goals and focuses. However, most organizations often fall into one of three categories – professional, trade and social.  In our second association newcomer post, we’ll dive into these different types of associations […]

Association Newcomer: What Is an Association?

So you just got a job at an association. Congratulations!  Joining a mission-focused organization can be a rewarding experience allowing you to truly make a difference and enact change for an industry or group of people. However, for folks just entering the association space, this can be an entirely new world with its own unique […]

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