Category: Diversity and inclusion

Ensuring Digital Accessibility for All: Best Practices for Online Courses

In today's digital age, online courses have become an essential tool for associations to educate and train their members and staff. However, it's important to ensure these courses are accessible to all individuals. Read on to learn the importance of digital accessibility, along with best practices to ensure your organization’s professional development can work for […]

When It Comes to Your Audience, Sometimes Local Means Global

As organizations prepare to expand outside the US, experienced executives are keenly aware of potential pitfalls and go to great lengths to prepare accordingly. The most successful initiatives certainly include a significant investment in research to help understand the new environment and the local conditions the association is set to operate in.  What are the […]

Sidecar Water Cooler: Workplace Trends to Know for 2023

Have you ever heard people talking about "the future of work," particularly in the wake of the pandemic?  Well, guess what? The future has arrived, and associations need to be aware of the shifts and trends that are shaping the workplace in 2023 and for the coming years.  Welcome to the Sidecar Water Cooler Show, […]

Accessibility Considerations for Your Next Association Event

Accessibility is a critical aspect of event planning. Because individuals with disabilities, elderly individuals, and other groups may face barriers to participating in conferences, meetings, and other large gatherings, it’s important to consider accessibility in design and logistics, communication and accommodations when designing your next event. What is accessibility? The goal of accessibility is to […]

Place, Process, DEI and Wellness: Workplace Culture in 2023

Workplace culture (also commonly referred to as organizational culture) is a blanket term for the accepted practices, morals, values and processes that guide how people interact at work. The predominant style of workplace culture can shift dramatically, especially in times of extreme change or upheaval. One good example is during World War II when women […]

Changing Minds and Governance – How CLARB Built a Diverse Board of Directors

Today, there’s plenty of content and research on the importance of board diversity. And while some organizations have started on that path, many still struggle to make that journey.  There’s a lot to know about what’s standing in the way of more board diversity (read the full guide below), but some organizations hesitate because they […]

Everything You Need to Know About Board Diversity

For organizations everywhere, DEI remains top of mind. It’s led to creating roles like Chief Diversity Officer and countless studies that help us understand the headway we’ve made, along with some of the most significant gaps. While we are seeing more diversity in association leadership and membership, most boards rarely share the same makeup, and […]

4 Steps to Create a Successful Nonprofit Awareness Campaign

When we think of awareness in a business context, many of us think of mass marketing or general brand awareness. In other words, massive dollars spent on advertising targeting a broad audience resulting in low conversion rates and minimal return on investment. While you may not remember the last advertisement you saw, I bet you […]

How Associations Can Move the Needle on DEI Initiatives

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) have been a hot topic in the professional world over the last several years, particularly amid the Black Lives Matter movement and the ongoing push for social change. People want the world – inclusive of the business world and its associations – to reflect what they see and who they are; that […]

Can Gender Diversity Benefit Your Association's Bottom Line?

Many associations recognize the benefits of gender diversity – higher levels of employee satisfaction and innovation are just a couple of dead giveaways. But you might not know that the benefits are backed by science. A 2017 study by McKinsey showed positive correlations between gender diversity and financial performance, with diverse organizations being 21% more […]

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