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How to Beat Burnout and Help Your Team Overcome Feeling Like There’s Not Enough Time in the Day

We live in an increasingly productivity-obsessed world, which leads many employees to feel overwhelmed with their schedules and workload – both at home and in the workplace. It’s not uncommon for teams to feel like there’s simply not enough time in the day to accomplish all of their tasks and initiatives.  While this feeling is […]

VIDEO: 5 qualities of a good mentor

There are several qualities you should look for when vetting a potential new mentor.

Why Networking Is More Important Than Ever

Building your career requires time, effort  and  — most importantly — the ability to develop relationships and connections that can help you discover better opportunities for advancement. 

How to ask to work from home in a post-COVID environment

When framing your ask, be sure to speak the language of business.

The 5 Qualities All Good Leaders Have

A good leader doesn’t have to be a genius, he or she just needs to be competent — both at their jobs and the leadership aspects of their role. 

It's not you, it's me: Why your mentoring relationship isn't working out

While a mentoring relationship is traditionally thought of as a senior leader providing guidance to a junior professional, mentoring can follow many pathways. In my own career, I’ve established relationships as both a mentor and a mentee through formal mentoring programs. I also receive professional guidance though a peer group of mid to senior-level female […]

Solve problems by putting yourself in someone else's shoes

Design Thinking is about a starting point. In the face of a problem, a challenge or a task to be completed, finding the most effective solution is not just a matter of choosing the route. It involves establishing the starting line. Design Thinking is a problem solving process that starts with adopting the position of […]

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