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How to Improve Your Association's Conferences with AI 

The name of the game for most associations is the same - to improve member experience by delivering exceptional value. Associations have long recognized the role that conferences play in meeting this goal. Industry conferences are platforms for the type of knowledge sharing, networking, and professional development members have come to expect.    Continuing to […]

7 Tips on Planning for Last-Minute Event Attendees

It’s a fact of life – things can change at the last minute, including your association’s event attendees list. Rather than fight it – embrace it; expect the best but prepare for the worst. You need not panic if you find yourself in a position where you’ve just been informed of last-minute event attendees. With these seven […]

Accessibility Considerations for Your Next Association Event

Accessibility is a critical aspect of event planning. Because individuals with disabilities, elderly individuals, and other groups may face barriers to participating in conferences, meetings, and other large gatherings, it’s important to consider accessibility in design and logistics, communication and accommodations when designing your next event. What is accessibility? The goal of accessibility is to […]

6 Event Planning Lessons I Learned the Hard Way

Over my career, I’ve had the opportunity to plan a wide variety of events, from conferences to weddings and fancy galas to golf tournaments. While the specific details that go into each of those events vary widely, the lessons I’ve learned in the last decade-plus are always applicable.  Learning to plan events is very much […]

Liberating Structures – A Solution for Event Engagement?

For association event planners, ensuring your conference is an engaging experience for attendees is always top of mind. And while you can have the best event platform, pre-planned questions and vibrant speakers and facilitators, it can still be difficult to create an environment that works for everyone.  Although some of your attendees are excited to […]

How to Build an Unbeatable Event Website: Eight Tips

Association events are one of the benefits of membership. These conferences and meetings bring everyone together in the spirit of learning and collaboration. Whether your members are all in the same town or spread across the globe, having an easy-to-use, strategically designed event website that brings them together is critical. Here are eight tips to […]

How To Choose an Event Platform

After the virtual and hybrid event boom caused by the pandemic, it seems like there is a new event platform popping up everywhere you look. With hundreds of options and an endless stream of online advertisements, it can be confusing and difficult to find just the right one for your event.  Making a plan for […]

Speaker Management Strategies for Your Association Event

From annual conferences to fun virtual webinars for members, speakers can make or break an event. While finding them is often the biggest battle, managing them can be just as challenging without the right speaker management strategy. Not only do these strategies impact the way you onboard a speaker, but also how you support them […]

Everything You Need to Know About Event Planning for Associations

For associations, events play an essential role in member engagement, reach and even non-dues revenue. Whether it’s your annual conference or convention, or an all-new virtual event offering, having a detailed strategy can help you keep within your budget while still creating the best event possible.  Depending on your organization, you likely have a dedicated […]

Up-and-Coming Event Technology for Associations

The pandemic spurred digital acceleration to new heights, with global online customer interactions surging from 36% in December 2019 to 58% just seven months later. That meant a drastic change in the way organizations everywhere conduct business. From the shift to remote work to the switch to online events, it was a turbulent time, to […]

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