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Audience vs. Community: What The Difference Means for Associations

As associations, you already have an engaged audience – your members. And these highly engaged people can often be the basis for a thriving community where members come together, interact, grow and engage with one another.  However, with an often widely dispersed audience and only a few annual meetings on the calendar, are you doing enough […]

How This Nonprofit Raised Every Staffer’s Salary to a $70K Minimum

Back in 2021 – at the height of the pandemic and as many organizations looked for ways to cut back – Choose 180, a Seattle non-profit, raised staffer salaries to $70,000. “For some of the organization’s 24 staff, the pay hikes amounted to a $20,000 annual raise in an instant, using existing funds” according to The Seattle […]

Understanding Young Professionals & Their Needs

To make a lasting impact on your industry, you have to keep up with the latest trends, topics and ways of doing business. And one of the best ways of keeping track of those changes and getting an inside look at what is important to future generations is to hire young professionals in your organization. […]

Everything you should know about virtual event production

It's from hard-earned lessons that we’ve learned a thing or two about how to produce virtual events, whether it’s a webinar or a multi-day conference. Here's the ultimate guide to virtual event production to help you create flawless virtual events of your own.

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