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The 10 Best Sidecar Blogs of 2022

And just like that, another year is in the books. While 2022 brought about a brighter outlook and plenty of innovation, particularly in the world of Web3 and AI, many associations are still looking to strengthen as an organization and look for ways to empower and connect with members as they look ahead to slightly […]

The Business Case for AI in Associations

From organizing our social media feeds to recommending the best shows and restaurants, artificial intelligence has become a routine part of our day to day. While these use cases are familiar, they’re only an intro to the possibilities for AI in the business sector. As associations look to get buy-in on AI's uses, looking at […]

8 Must-try AI and Web3 Apps for Association Professionals

From community building of the future to marketing automation, the world of AI and Web3 offers plenty of opportunities for associations. However, it can be daunting to dabble with tools and platforms you’re not familiar with. The good news is you don’t need a highly technical background to get started – just some healthy curiosity and […]

3 Takeaways from ASAE 22

And just like that, my very first ASAE Annual Meeting is in the books, and all I can say is, what an experience.  It was a pleasure to meet Sidecar members, readers and many of the association professionals I’ve been working hard to write for, for the past year. Not only did so many of […]

5 Key Lessons for Associations in 2022

The themes for digitalNow 2021 were rebuilding, reframing and restarting. With sessions ranging from big data and organizational culture to cyber security and innovation, our attendees got insights on how to rebuild their associations in a post-pandemic world, why their thinking should be reframed to add value for their members and whether or not the […]

The 10 Best Sidecar Blogs of 2021

As we close the door on 2021, a year still filled with plenty of uncertainty but a glimmer of hope for the year to come, it’s time to look back on some of the biggest stories and trends in the association space and beyond.  Picking top posts can always be a challenge, especially when you […]

Everything You Need to Know About Goal Setting

As we close the door on some of the most challenging years in recent history, finding motivation for personal growth and development can be tough. As folks reflect on things and begin planning how exactly the new year will bring about that “new year, new me,” goal setting may be the answer.  Whether you want […]

How to Buy Your First NFT

As the world of cryptocurrency continues to evolve, NFTs have taken the stage as a popular way to spend currency. However, knowing how to buy an NFT is likely the first challenge many will face. While many cryptocurrencies are available on the market today, most NFTs are purchased using Ethereum. This reputable blockchain helps add […]

Sidecar Made an NFT - Here’s Why!

The Sidecar team decided that one of the best ways to help our community dive into blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFTs, was to start using these technologies, showcasing their potential, learning through our experiences, and then documenting what we’ve learned. Ahead of digitalNow 2021, hosted in Nashville Dec 8-11, we decided to launch a non-fungible token […]

5 Key Strategies for Bringing Innovation to Life in Your Organization

As organizations plan for the next year, understanding the importance of strategy can go a long way. Not only does it help associations see their weak points, but it works to reframe their thinking, rebuild their structure and restart innovation.  In a recent interview with McKinsey & Company, digitalNow Day 2 Keynote Speaker Safi Bahcall […]

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