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Non-Dues Revenue: How to Leverage the Demand for Continuous Learning 

In today’s climate, new trends appear and evolve almost daily, and staying updated has become the name of the game. This ever-growing appetite for learning opens a realm of possibilities for associations and non-profits, especially when it comes to supporting a consistent and diversified revenue stream. In this blog, we'll take a closer look at […]

Transforming Associations: The Power of Embracing Profitability 

To thrive in today's competitive environment, associations must dispel the misguided notion that not-for-profit organizations should not be focused on generating profits. Profitability is, in fact, essential for long-term sustainability and growth, as it enables organizations to reinvest in their mission, explore new opportunities, and foster an environment of innovation. Not-for-profit is best understood as […]

5 Moves Associations Can Make to Prepare for a “Slowcession”

After the recent run on Silicon Valley Bank, global economic anxieties are even more palpable. We’ve long been hearing about a possible recession or even a “slowcession,” as it has been dubbed. A “slowcession” is a term coined in January 2023 by Moody’s Mark Zandi, an Analytics Chief Economist – it refers to a sluggish […]

What Is Crypto Philanthropy?

Crypto philanthropy is the charitable giving of financial support by donating cryptocurrency instead of cash, stock or other assets. It’s a rapidly growing field of philanthropy that can have far-reaching implications on the association and nonprofit space. From 2020 to 2021, The Giving Block raised over 100 million in crypto donations and went from a […]

Everything You Need to Know About Non-Dues Revenue

For associations, revenue falls into two categories – dues revenue, meaning the cost for your membership, and non-dues revenue, which is basically everything else. Because there are many ways for organizations to generate income, defining and experimenting with non-dues revenue opportunities can be a challenge.  This guide will discuss some of the common challenges facing organizations, […]

Why now is the time to change your pricing strategy (and how to do it!)

The past 15 months have put a damper on discussions surrounding pricing strategies. Many associations have chosen the path of social responsibility and dramatically reduced pricing on many of their offerings to keep providing support and services to members who are struggling. As we ease back into the world, now is the time to change […]

Should your association try usage-based pricing?

In a whirlwind of motivation, you sign up for a premier (but pricey) gym not too far from your home. The monthly membership fee includes access to all the machines you could ever need, a huge collection of free weights, group classes, an indoor pool, tennis courts, and an indoor jogging track.  It’s wonderful and […]

On becoming the Netflix of associations

What does it mean to build a purpose-driven organizational structure? I don’t mean just aligning various departmental visions, or stamping down silos that might be blotting out communication in your existing organizational hierarchy. I mean actually creating a structure that is, from every angle, purpose-driven. Answering this question has been an integral part of a […]

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