Category: Leadership

Sidecar Water Cooler: Burnout

Is quitting ever a good thing? Can it be a smart decision for a leader to quit or is it always a sign of weakness? In today’s episode of Sidecar Water Cooler, we’ll be tackling just that – burnout.  I just read on the news that the New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern unexpectedly announced her […]

Want a Successful Mentorship Program? Do These 3 Things

As associations continue to look for ways to add value to membership, prioritizing member growth and support should be top of mind. While you can offer professional development and cohort groups, the thing your members often need to hear most is advice from professionals further along in their career path – particularly for those just entering […]

7 Skills & Qualities You Need for a Successful Career in Associations Work

Lately, there’s been a rash of layoffs, particularly layoffs in the tech industry. Companies like Meta, Twitter, and Amazon have seen substantial layoffs. While job loss can be scary and frustrating for those who experience it, the cutting of these jobs from prominent tech companies may have a positive impact on other sectors, including the […]

How Do You Assess the Emotional Intelligence of Potential Leaders?

Emotional intelligence, often abbreviated as EQ, is the ability to recognize, understand and manage our own emotions and those around us. While everyone can take advantage of this skill, it’s particularly important for those in leadership roles. Not only can it help with managing a diverse team with different personalities and goals, but in the […]

Why Associations Should Look for Leadership at Every Level

In general, organizations depend on staffers at the top of the org chart to set strategy and lead – and associations are no different. While this traditional leadership structure has worked for generations, as the demographics of our organizations and members continue to change, this structure may be holding you back.  Whether you’re dealing with young […]

5 Essential Leadership Skills for Association Leaders

What makes a great leader? And better yet – what makes a great association leader? Associations work is a unique field, and there are certain qualities needed for associations leaders to be effective in their role and create positive change. But what skillsets are needed to lead your organization in a time of constant change […]

The 10 Best Sidecar Blogs of 2022

And just like that, another year is in the books. While 2022 brought about a brighter outlook and plenty of innovation, particularly in the world of Web3 and AI, many associations are still looking to strengthen as an organization and look for ways to empower and connect with members as they look ahead to slightly […]

How Are Associations Leveraging Blockchain Technology?

When it comes to technology, nothing stays the same for too long. Tools and processes alike become obsolete and replaced with new ones – then the cycle repeats. In recent years, one of the most groundbreaking technologies to emerge is blockchain. Although tech doesn't always pair well with other disciplines, in this case, we’re seeing […]

Finding and Empowering Introverted Association Leaders

Check out any reporting on businesses these days, and you’ll find a lot of buzz about extroverts and their flamboyant leadership styles. In fact, this type of leader tends to get the most press as they actively seek out opportunities to share their thoughts, successes and plans for the future. But by focusing solely on […]

Does Your Association Need a Staff Re-Onboarding Plan?

Re-onboarding is an essential process for bringing staff back into the fold. Whether they've been away on leave, are returning to the office for the first time in potentially years or simply are preparing to transition into a new work model, it's crucial to ensure they feel welcome and ready to get to work. But […]

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