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How To Make Video Personalization Your Membership Superpower

We’ve all heard it: personalization is critical to maximizing online engagement. Digital marketing tactics that make the person on the other side of the communication feel understood overperform. And that’s true for all digital marketing tactics from email to video. That’s because your members want to engage with real people, not with your organization. Video […]

In-House vs. Agency Marketing: Which is Right for Your Association?

No matter the size of your association, marketing is an absolutely essential business function that helps you reach your potential members, engage with your existing members and more. There are multiple ways to onboard marketing talent, with the two most common options being hiring an internal marketing team or partnering with an agency. While in-house […]

How to Create LinkedIn Ads for Associations: Your Guide to Getting Started

For many professional associations, LinkedIn is the social media network where their members and potential members spend the most time. That’s why advertising on this powerful platform is a no-brainer for reaching professional audiences. LinkedIn’s advertising platform is able to fill gaps left open by other platforms like Facebook and Instagram. For example, while Facebook’s […]

Google Search Ads for Associations: How to Get Started

When someone searches for a keyword related to your organization, you want your website to rank at the top of the Google results page every single time. The key to doing so lies in a long-term effort: search engine optimization (SEO). The challenge of SEO, though, is that it can be a slow-moving process that […]

How to Create Facebook Ads for Associations: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started

Do you want to take your association’s Facebook Ads game a step above boosted posts? For social media ads that reach your target audience and achieve your goals, Facebook Ads may be the way to go. Association marketers are likely familiar with Facebook’s throttling of organic reach, so many organizations may need to rely on […]

11 Types of Personalized Videos to Humanize Your Brand

Here is how you can use personalized videos to scale your brand based on insight from a renowned web marketing expert and the latest trends in video personalization. Personalized videos continue to skyrocket and for good reason. Organizations that use video marketing grow revenue 49% faster. And by 2022, video will dominate 82% of internet […]

3 Steps to a Great Brand Strategy

Think fast: What is your brand strategy?  It is not just a mission or vision. A brand strategy is how your organization shows up in the world, and how you want existing and potential members to see and feel about you. It is a promise about who you will be to them, and a promise […]

8 Digital Ad Strategies for Recruiting New Members

Digital advertising is a highly effective tool for recruiting new members to your association. However, it can be difficult to figure out where to start and how to create a sound marketing strategy that caters to all of the different audience types your association serves.  Below, you can find eight digital campaign strategies for your […]

6 creative ways brands are taking advantage of Instagram Stories

Does your association or organization use Instagram to build your brand and engage with your audience? If you do, are Instagram Stories part of your social media strategy? If they’re not already, they should be.  The fleeting nature of Instagram Stories means this content format is less refined and curated, and more unfiltered and raw, […]

7 ways to keep your brand voice consistent

Crafting and sticking to a brand voice across platforms takes work. But with some practice, and a few helpful exercises, you and your team will be talking in unison across all platforms—and seeing the benefits of a consistent and powerful brand voice.

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