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AI Art Generators: Which One You Should Use and Why

For a long time, the word art conjured up thoughts of painting, drawing, or sculpting. We associated this word with physical places like museums or physical acts like doodling on a notepad. And though art has always been subjective, we could all agree on one thing: art is made by artists. Or so we thought... […]

AI in Action: Building Member Personas with ChatGPT

Making data-driven decisions for your association starts by understanding your members. And while you can gain insights with surveys and data from your tech stack, talking with members is often the most powerful way to do so.   However, for association marketers, conducting hundreds of one-on-one calls may not be a possibility.   Luckily, associations can leverage […]

How to Use AI to Build Better Email Campaigns

Artificial intelligence is the topic of the hour, spurring discussions on everything from efficiency to ethics and bias. Of course, these discussions have been far from absent within the ever-evolving world of marketing. And while there are countless ways to leverage the technology, AI has quickly emerged as a powerful tool for enhancing email marketing […]

AI in Action: Summarizing Your Association Content

For associations, content is always in supply. Whether it’s sessions from your annual conference, articles from your publications, in-depth research and studies or member interviews, organizations have a goldmine of expertise at their fingertips.  But how much of this content is easy to get through or even access? Whether it’s time-sensitive (as in “you had […]

Get Usable Content For Your Association Using These 3 ChatGPT Prompts

As ChatGPT cruises past 100 million monthly users, it’s clear that AI-generated content is a powerful tool that’s here to stay. Today, organizations use it to write blogs, social media posts and marketing campaigns for conferences and webinars.  However, getting past the basic outputs to generate content useful to your association can sometimes take time […]

Are Google’s E-E-A-T Guidelines Good News for Associations?

Mention a Google algorithm update to a marketer in your association, and chances are, their immediate response will be fear.  While these changes are often minor – according to Google – they can significantly impact content rankings and an organization's reach on the search platform. Their main aim, however, is to provide a better experience for Google […]

What ‘Break Point’ & ‘Drive to Survive’ Can Teach Associations About Attracting New Members

If you've been on Netflix recently, you may have noticed a new docuseries – Break Point. From the producers of Formula 1: Drive to Survive, Break Point gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the tennis world and its up-and-coming stars.  And while I was immediately sold – I've been a huge tennis fan since I […]

7 Must-Haves in Your Membership Renewal Letter

It’s that time of year again. That time when you worry about your member renewals in hopes that your churn rate continues to stay low. And while you can offer the best resources, member benefits and community around, declining membership in professional organizations is still on the rise.  So how can associations take an active […]

Multichannel Marketing 101: Executing a Winning Campaign

Even if you’re not a marketing professional, an understanding of what multichannel marketing is and how it works is critical to executing successful campaigns to bring in donors, renew members, and more. So, what is multichannel marketing? It’s the practice of engaging with an audience of potential consumers, customers, or members through a variety of […]

How To Make Video Personalization Your Membership Superpower

We’ve all heard it: personalization is critical to maximizing online engagement. Digital marketing tactics that make the person on the other side of the communication feel understood overperform. And that’s true for all digital marketing tactics from email to video. That’s because your members want to engage with real people, not with your organization. Video […]

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