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The Power of Custom GPTs for Associations 

Lately, we’ve discussed ways to integrate AI into your association, but it may still feel daunting to implement. The most difficult part of making any change is taking the first step and, in this article, we’ll discuss an association doing just that. Before we dive in, think about what might be stopping you from taking […]

Future-proofing Your Association with a Common Data Platform

Associations have a choice to make. As technology continues to rapidly evolve, associations can continue on as usual, relying on the same AMS/LMS/CMS and traditional member engagement tactics, or they can pivot boldly, embracing new technology and getting comfortable with experimentation, failure, and growth. For those ready to forge a new path, understanding the importance […]

AI Art Generators: Which One You Should Use and Why

For a long time, the word art conjured up thoughts of painting, drawing, or sculpting. We associated this word with physical places like museums or physical acts like doodling on a notepad. And though art has always been subjective, we could all agree on one thing: art is made by artists. Or so we thought... […]

Non-Dues Revenue: How to Leverage the Demand for Continuous Learning 

In today’s climate, new trends appear and evolve almost daily, and staying updated has become the name of the game. This ever-growing appetite for learning opens a realm of possibilities for associations and non-profits, especially when it comes to supporting a consistent and diversified revenue stream. In this blog, we'll take a closer look at […]

Activating Your Intangible Assets: How Associations Can Leverage AI to Protect Their Brand Reputation 

What is an intangible asset? Intangible assets refer to valuable resources that cannot be physically touched or seen but hold value. For associations, these include brand reputation, content, and social networks.  These assets play a crucial role in their ability to deliver value to members and stakeholders. However, the proliferation of new communication channels and […]

How to Use AI to Revitalize Your Association in the Digital Age

In today's fast-paced and highly competitive world, associations face numerous challenges. Declining memberships, disengaged members, financial struggles, and disagreements among staff and board members are just a few of the many obstacles associations must overcome. To thrive in this environment, it is essential for associations to be open to change and willing to embrace new […]

Unleashing the Potential of AI: A Journey into a New Frontier of Member Engagement 

When we think about the most transformative technologies in human history, the invention of flight likely comes to mind. However, the rapid development and far-reaching potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) may soon surpass any comparison to flight, as it continues its relentless journey into uncharted territories. With the emergence of generative AI and Large Language […]

Must-Have Questions for Your Next Member Satisfaction Survey

Do your members find their membership valuable? While most organizations get an answer to that question based on their retention rates, there are often better solutions for association leaders.   Member satisfaction surveys are handy tools that provide a goldmine of information and help organizations understand their members’ experiences and identify areas of improvement. But […]

Tips for Offboarding Association Volunteers (Without the Hard Feelings)

Volunteers are an integral part of an association's staff. They commit their time and expertise to help move the mission forward and do it solely to help. And while having a large pool of volunteers is never a bad thing, holding onto them for years could be a problem.   Whether your volunteers are reluctant to […]

AI in Action: Building Member Personas with ChatGPT

Making data-driven decisions for your association starts by understanding your members. And while you can gain insights with surveys and data from your tech stack, talking with members is often the most powerful way to do so.   However, for association marketers, conducting hundreds of one-on-one calls may not be a possibility.   Luckily, associations can leverage […]

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