Category: Member engagement

Must-Have Questions for Your Next Member Satisfaction Survey

Do your members find their membership valuable? While most organizations get an answer to that question based on their retention rates, there are often better solutions for association leaders.   Member satisfaction surveys are handy tools that provide a goldmine of information and help organizations understand their members’ experiences and identify areas of improvement. But […]

Tips for Offboarding Association Volunteers (Without the Hard Feelings)

Volunteers are an integral part of an association's staff. They commit their time and expertise to help move the mission forward and do it solely to help. And while having a large pool of volunteers is never a bad thing, holding onto them for years could be a problem.   Whether your volunteers are reluctant to […]

AI in Action: Building Member Personas with ChatGPT

Making data-driven decisions for your association starts by understanding your members. And while you can gain insights with surveys and data from your tech stack, talking with members is often the most powerful way to do so.   However, for association marketers, conducting hundreds of one-on-one calls may not be a possibility.   Luckily, associations can leverage […]

7 Lessons on Podcasting From ‘The Association Podcast’ Hosts

Your members are on the go, and you want to keep up with them. And while your strategy is built on proven methods like in-depth articles, timely webinars and can’t-miss in-person events, there’s still a good percentage of your audience not engaging.   The reality is time is limited, and proving the value of membership often […]

Bridging the Language Gap: How AI Translation Helps Associations Grow

As globalization continues to bring the world closer together, associations must find new ways to effectively communicate with their diverse audiences. And while the best content often transcends geographic boundaries, most is written for one language and culture.   While many associations are already working on their global strategy, addressing this concern should be top of […]

Boosting Member Experience with AI

The membership experience is crucial for organizations looking to build a strong community of supporters and long-time members. The more positive the experience with your association, the more likely your members are to contribute to your mission, advocate for your organization’s cause and provide valuable feedback to help it grow.  However, engaging members can be […]

How to Use AI to Build Better Email Campaigns

Artificial intelligence is the topic of the hour, spurring discussions on everything from efficiency to ethics and bias. Of course, these discussions have been far from absent within the ever-evolving world of marketing. And while there are countless ways to leverage the technology, AI has quickly emerged as a powerful tool for enhancing email marketing […]

Volunteer or Staff Position? Determining the Right Fit for Your Organization

The good news: your Association is growing by leaps and bounds, and volunteers are flocking to your door. The bad news? These volunteers, although enthusiastic and consistent, may not be what your association needs. But how do you know when it’s time to convert the work of many volunteers into one paid staff position?  The […]

Ensuring Digital Accessibility for All: Best Practices for Online Courses

In today's digital age, online courses have become an essential tool for associations to educate and train their members and staff. However, it's important to ensure these courses are accessible to all individuals. Read on to learn the importance of digital accessibility, along with best practices to ensure your organization’s professional development can work for […]

AI in Action: Summarizing Your Association Content

For associations, content is always in supply. Whether it’s sessions from your annual conference, articles from your publications, in-depth research and studies or member interviews, organizations have a goldmine of expertise at their fingertips.  But how much of this content is easy to get through or even access? Whether it’s time-sensitive (as in “you had […]

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