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4 Best Practices for a Microlearning Course

Microlearning is a hot topic in training and development today, but what is it and how can associations go about creating it?  Put simply, microlearning is a learning strategy designed to deliver content to learners in short, bite-sized and easily digestible nuggets. It can be anything from videos and infographics to a quiz to test […]

Everything You Need to Know About Association Management Software

Associations have many moving parts – marketing, billing, member data and more. While organizations have staff that can handle all these tasks, without a central system, you’re left working with a bunch of different platforms that all need to communicate somehow.  Enter association management software.  Chances are you’ve heard the term, but what is it exactly, […]

4 Strategies to Improve Committee Engagement

From handling member engagement to planning your next event, committees play an essential role in the operation of associations. However, finding volunteers and keeping them committed can often be the biggest obstacle to success. While some organizations may opt to appoint committee members, this can impact your diversity efforts and prevent new members or young […]

Why Your Association Should Experiment With Microlearning

When it comes to creating or offering professional development for your members, there is no arguing that it’s valuable and necessary. However, for many association professionals, the subsequent response is often, “where do I find the time?” Whether it’s because of shortening attention times or limited schedules, finding time for learning opportunities is tough, and […]

Is Feature Bloat Affecting Your Member Benefits?

You want more members and adding new benefits is going to get them. Right? Well, maybe not. Before you go all-in on new perks, build out your marketing campaigns and announce them to your members, it may be  time to ask – “does my association have a feature bloat problem?”  What is Feature Bloat? From […]

How To Make Video Personalization Your Membership Superpower

We’ve all heard it: personalization is critical to maximizing online engagement. Digital marketing tactics that make the person on the other side of the communication feel understood overperform. And that’s true for all digital marketing tactics from email to video. That’s because your members want to engage with real people, not with your organization. Video […]

Is Your Member Segmentation Strategy Wrong?

Most associations segment their membership in the same way: by career stage. So young professionals might be one segment, mid-career folks another, and so on into retirement. They do it this way because it seems obvious, and it’s easy – but is there a chance it’s wrong?  When determining whether or not your member segmentation […]

Can Surveys Increase Member Engagement?

Member engagement is the lifeblood of associations everywhere, but sometimes it can be challenging to identify your members' pain points. When they aren’t engaged, they’re liable to let their memberships lapse. They’re also not likely to go out of their way to recommend association membership to friends, family, or colleagues. Fortunately, there are several tactics […]

5 Community Outreach Strategies for Local Chapters

Regardless of your association’s mission or membership count, community outreach is a must for both engaging more deeply with your existing members and attracting like-minded new members. Community outreach gives your association the opportunity to show members what you really care about by supporting causes that are aligned with your core values.  By engaging in […]

How to Create LinkedIn Ads for Associations: Your Guide to Getting Started

For many professional associations, LinkedIn is the social media network where their members and potential members spend the most time. That’s why advertising on this powerful platform is a no-brainer for reaching professional audiences. LinkedIn’s advertising platform is able to fill gaps left open by other platforms like Facebook and Instagram. For example, while Facebook’s […]

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