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Future-proofing Your Association with a Common Data Platform

Associations have a choice to make. As technology continues to rapidly evolve, associations can continue on as usual, relying on the same AMS/LMS/CMS and traditional member engagement tactics, or they can pivot boldly, embracing new technology and getting comfortable with experimentation, failure, and growth. For those ready to forge a new path, understanding the importance […]

Non-dues Revenue: Harnessing Affiliate Marketing and Partnerships 

Ever feel like you're leaving money on the table by not exploring every possible revenue stream? While member dues are the backbone of many organizations, there's a world of opportunity beyond them. In this article, we’ll explore the potential of affiliate marketing and partnerships. These aren't just about boosting your bottom line; they're game-changers that […]

Non-Dues Revenue: How to Leverage the Demand for Continuous Learning 

In today’s climate, new trends appear and evolve almost daily, and staying updated has become the name of the game. This ever-growing appetite for learning opens a realm of possibilities for associations and non-profits, especially when it comes to supporting a consistent and diversified revenue stream. In this blog, we'll take a closer look at […]

How to Talk to Your Members About Dues Changes

Member dues are an integral part of the business side of associations. They help fund growth, staff and membership benefits. Yet, when the time comes to make member dues changes, it can become a point of contention. The success or failure of any dues changes hinges on member buy-in and the way you communicate those […]

Can Associations Benefit From Outside Investment? AIP Thinks So

As associations look to expand and add value for their members, finding a way to fund those improvements can be a challenge.  We reached out to Robin Lokerman of Association Investment Partners to tell us about how the organization is looking to change that with an innovative funding model and partnership program that helps associations […]

Why now is the time to change your pricing strategy (and how to do it!)

The past 15 months have put a damper on discussions surrounding pricing strategies. Many associations have chosen the path of social responsibility and dramatically reduced pricing on many of their offerings to keep providing support and services to members who are struggling. As we ease back into the world, now is the time to change […]

Why discounts aren’t a membership pricing strategy

Have you ever seen an ad that says “New Low Price”? What effect did that have on you? Did it make you want to purchase the item?  Or did it make you question why the price was lowered? In this article, we're going to talk about the psychology of how you position discounts, and why […]

How to ensure sponsors get value from your virtual events

Have you ever visited an exhibitor booth at a virtual trade show and found it kind of lame? Was it just a link to the exhibitor’s website? Did it leave a bad impression? Learn how to enable creative sponsor experiences and ensure sponsors get the most from your event.

3 Ways to Generate Non-Dues Revenue

Advances in technology have opened new doors of opportunity to drive non-dues revenue. Let’s take some lessons from the business world and leverage them into association revenue ideas outside the traditional membership fee.

The future of fundraising is responsive

Successful fundraising campaigns not only provide organizations with the funds to support critical programs and activities; they also foster affinity towards, relationships with, and awareness of important nonprofit organizations.

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