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Meet Our 2022 digitalNow Rising Leaders

The goal of digitalNow is always to empower leaders to face challenges and learn about emerging technologies impacting the association industry. However, these lessons and strategies are not just for today's leaders.  The forward-thinking and vibrant digitalNow community has a unique opportunity to empower the leaders of tomorrow — and are are doing just that with […]

What is a Sidecar Membership?

You’re on our site. You’re reading our blog. You might even be subscribed to our newsletter (and no, that isn’t membership). So you have an idea about who we are and what we do. But do you know what it means to be a Sidecar member? Sidecar membership means access to the professional development tools […]

What is digitalNow’s Rising Leaders Program?

The digitalNow Rising Leaders program, formerly Leaders of Distinction, recognizes up-and-coming leaders that are making strides to support innovation and progress within the purpose-driven organization space. The program introduces these leaders to the digitalNow community and supports their attendance through sponsored tickets. Who is the Rising Leaders program for? Rising Leaders nominees must be working […]

We Rewrote Sidecar’s Core Values: Here’s How & Why

Recently I had the privilege to attend Verne Harnish’s Scaling Up Summit in Dallas. This three-day conference allowed us to analyze, strategize and plan how to provide the most value to our Sidecar members. There were plenty of takeaways that we’ll dive into in upcoming blogs, but one of our biggest was updating our core […]

With New digitalNow Program, Association Entrepreneurs Invited To Top Conference

One of the coolest things about the digitalNow conference is the opportunity to connect with our Resource Center Partners — the organizations that sponsor digitalNow and are just as dedicated to finding new technologies and solutions that help us serve our members better.  But let’s be honest: Even with all the connections you make at digitalNow, […]

What’s New at digitalNow 2022?

You might know where we’re headed – spoiler, it’s New Orleans – and a little bit about our topic areas, so what else could we possibly have left to tell you? Well, a lot.  From new pricing options to added strategic sessions, there are plenty of reasons why this year will be the year to attend […]

What Topics to Expect from digitalNow 2022

If you happened to miss our not so little announcement, digitalNow 2022 is coming to you live October 4-6, 2022 and heading to our hometown of New Orleans.  Now in its 22nd year, digitalNow remains the best idea generator for association leaders and is the place to look into the future of what the ongoing […]

Ready To Enter the “Ring” at SURGE Smackdown?

The (virtual) stage is set, our topics are chosen and now we just need one more thing – our fighters!  As you already know, SURGE Explore is the ONLY virtual conference for fearless leaders. At Sidecar, part of our mission is to provide said leaders with the content and education they need to push the limits […]

Introducing SURGE Smackdown

The association industry is filled with divisive topics, and now is the chance to battle it out on stage at SURGE Explore! Gone are the days of tame discussions and boring zoom calls – this exciting debate will pit our attendees against one another as they “duke it out” over some of the hottest topics in […]

Meet Our 2021 digitalNow Leaders of Distinction

The mission of digitalNow is to empower leaders to face challenges and critical issues with the latest strategies and technologies. However, it is not just about the leaders of today, but also those up-and-coming leaders in the association space.  The Leaders of Distinction program was created to help empower these future leaders with registration to […]

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