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What Is Divergent Thinking and How Can It Benefit Your Association?

Simply put, divergent thinking applies non-traditional, creative ideas to problems and progress in all areas of life. These techniques provide a novel approach that can result in profound positive change for your association. Here’s how.  What Is Divergent Thinking? Divergent thinking is one of two mental processes required for creative problem-solving.  Convergent thinking, the first […]

6 Keys to Implementing Effective Professional Development in Your Organization

Professional development can be so beneficial for your organization. It increases employee retention, productivity and buy in while closing skill gaps and supporting the bottom line. But implementing a professional development program just for the sake of saying your organization has one isn’t going to cut it. So how do you implement a professional development […]

3 Takeaways from ASAE 22

And just like that, my very first ASAE Annual Meeting is in the books, and all I can say is, what an experience.  It was a pleasure to meet Sidecar members, readers and many of the association professionals I’ve been working hard to write for, for the past year. Not only did so many of […]

Is Feature Bloat Affecting Your Member Benefits?

You want more members and adding new benefits is going to get them. Right? Well, maybe not. Before you go all-in on new perks, build out your marketing campaigns and announce them to your members, it may be  time to ask – “does my association have a feature bloat problem?”  What is Feature Bloat? From […]

How to Talk To Your Members About DAOs

Most associations have a traditional model – the board and executives work together to run an organization that offers services and benefits to its members. However, in this conventional model, members have little to no control over what the organization does.  Decentralized autonomous organizations – DAOs – flip this model, decentralizing the power structure and putting […]

8 Talent Recruitment Tips for Your Association

The current job market is unlike anything we’ve seen before. The COVID-19 pandemic has led many to re-prioritize their professional and personal goals and values, making it more important than ever to have a solid strategy when it comes to attracting talent for your association.  While salary is still the primary consideration for job seekers, […]

Can Associations Benefit From Outside Investment? AIP Thinks So

As associations look to expand and add value for their members, finding a way to fund those improvements can be a challenge.  We reached out to Robin Lokerman of Association Investment Partners to tell us about how the organization is looking to change that with an innovative funding model and partnership program that helps associations […]

Everything You Need to Know About Retaining Talent

As organizations begin recovering from the last two years of a pandemic, retention and employee engagement continue to be a challenge. Faced with the dangers of COVID-19, many workers have changed their outlook on work along with their priorities, forcing organizations to look at their own culture to help stop the Great Resignation.  In our […]

3 Ways Associations Can Optimize Content to Avoid Churn

To avoid churn, keeping your members engaged should always be a top priority. However, according to a recent study from Chartbeat, 45% of your readers will be gone 15 seconds after landing on your website. And of that group, more than 60% of them will never return. Not only does this impact member engagement, but […]

How To Create Member Personas to Better Serve Your Organization

Does your association have member personas that are well-known throughout the organization? If not, it’s time to build some!  Having clearly defined member personas will help you better target and personalize your content so that you can best serve your audience every time. They help you internalize and understand your ideal members so you can […]

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