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[Sidecar Sync Podcast Episode 05]: Sam Altman is Back at OpenAI, When AI is "Just Good Enough," and Generative AI Search

Show Notes Join Amith and Mallory as they delve into the unexpected return of Sam Altman to OpenAI and discuss what the latest drama means for associations. They chat about the imperfections of artificial intelligence and how to balance “good enough” tools with your organization’s responsibility to be a trusted information provider. Finally, they highlight […]

Future-proofing Your Association with a Common Data Platform

Associations have a choice to make. As technology continues to rapidly evolve, associations can continue on as usual, relying on the same AMS/LMS/CMS and traditional member engagement tactics, or they can pivot boldly, embracing new technology and getting comfortable with experimentation, failure, and growth. For those ready to forge a new path, understanding the importance […]

Navigating Copyright in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

In the rapidly evolving world of artificial intelligence (AI), the intersection with copyright law is becoming increasingly prevalent. The rise of AI-generated content has sparked many lawsuits and important conversations about the future of copyright in the digital age, and as AI blurs the lines between human and machine creativity, we find ourselves grappling with […]

Association Leadership Interview Series: A Conversation with Michelle Duke

Interested in leadership, diversity, and the power of personal growth in a professional setting? Well, we’ve got something exciting to share with you! Welcome to the first article of our new series where host, Scott Breen, interviews association leaders to highlight where they’ve been and where they’re going. Read as Scott digs into their secrets […]

Empowering Leadership: The Evolving Role of AI Agents and Companions in Associations

In our last post, we introduced the topic of AI agents and explored possible use cases for associations. Today, we are going to dive deeper into the world of AI agents and AI companions, and what associations need to know to take advantage of these developments.   As a refresher, AI companions provide insights and assistance […]

[Sidecar Sync Podcast Episode 04]: Custom GPTs and the Argument for Pausing Legacy Upgrades in Favor of AI

Show Notes Join Amith and Mallory as they guide you through the process of creating Custom GPTs and discuss potential applications for associations. Then, shift gears to a critical discussion on whether associations should pause legacy system upgrades in favor of AI's transformative potential. This episode promises practical insights, challenging questions, and a deep dive […]

How Associations Can Broaden Their Horizons with AI Translation Tools

Translation has always been at the heart of global communication. From the age-old practices of human interpreters, whispering words of diplomacy in the ears of world leaders, to the advent of written translation that allowed for the exchange of knowledge across cultures, our world has thrived on understanding across language barriers. In the 20th century, […]

Revolutionize Your Association’s Content Taxonomy with AI

The use of taxonomies in organizing and classifying information is essential for associations and organizations. Traditional taxonomies have been the go-to method for structuring content and making it more manageable. However, they come with their own set of challenges. Designing a taxonomy requires specialized skills and critical thinking, and maintaining it is an ongoing process […]

How to Leverage a Common Data Platform to Improve Operations

What makes managing and leveraging data such a complicated undertaking for so many organizations? All too commonly, the integration of various systems and vendors leads to vendor lock-in and a lack of a unified view of data. Data is coming from too many places in too many different formats, and it’s limiting your ability to […]

What is a Common Data Platform and How Can it Transform Associations? 

In today's data-driven world, associations have access to a wealth of information that can help drive their success. However, to harness the true power of data, associations need to be able to access that data, efficiently manage and utilize it. That's where a Common Data Platform (CDP) comes in.   Understanding the Value of Association […]

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