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digitalNow 2022 Day 1: AI Isn’t the Future – It’s Already Here!

digitalNow 2022 kicked off with a day focused on AI – the technological foundations that make it work, the various applications associations can start working with and the mindset shifts required to begin implementing it in your organization. While AI can seem novel and futuristic, the reality is that artificial intelligence is already a significant part […]

Everything You Need to Know About Association Management Software

Associations have many moving parts – marketing, billing, member data and more. While organizations have staff that can handle all these tasks, without a central system, you’re left working with a bunch of different platforms that all need to communicate somehow.  Enter association management software.  Chances are you’ve heard the term, but what is it exactly, […]

The Question of Credential Custody & Portability

Can blockchain change how credentials are issued and tracked by Associations and other certifying organizations? For decades, Associations and related credentialing organizations have built successful business models on the premise that achieving and maintaining a certification and its associated credential has value. In its most general form, this relies on a single organization creating the […]

Should Associations Still Be Thinking About Web3?

Inflation. Layoffs. Crypto-Winter. The promised nirvana of Web3 seems further away now than ever before. So was it all just a fad? Does the current economic downturn invalidate the Web3 movement? Web3?... Or Blockchain? Let's begin by considering the term itself. “Web3” is essentially a pop-culture rebrand of blockchain technology. The “Web3” moniker was first coined back in 2014 by Ethereum co-founder Gavin […]

How to Talk To Your Members About DAOs

Most associations have a traditional model – the board and executives work together to run an organization that offers services and benefits to its members. However, in this conventional model, members have little to no control over what the organization does.  Decentralized autonomous organizations – DAOs – flip this model, decentralizing the power structure and putting […]

Web3 Terms Every Association Professional Should Know

For most people, Web3 is an often confused and hard-to-imagine future version of our world complete with its own financial systems and virtual realities we’ll use to interact. And while many of these new technologies sound exciting, a polished and functional version of them is still a ways away.  However, many of the tools and […]

What Is Open-source Software and How Does It Apply to Associations?

Open your computer and chances are you have more than a few programs you use daily – Microsoft Office for all your work and communication, Skype for your meetings or maybe Adobe reader to go through PDFs and other organizational documents. These programs are maintained and updated by their respective creators using proprietary software, which is […]

What Associations Should Know About Smart Contracts

In its simplest form, a smart contract is an agreement between two people in the form of computer code, which self-executes when those terms are met. Think of smart contracts as fancy “if-then" statements, coded on a blockchain to create specific actions in the future. Such actions might include the releasing of funds, sending notifications, […]

How to Talk to  Your Members About The Metaverse

Imagine waking up in the morning, hitting the gym, meeting with friends, taking a trip to a whole new world and still making it to the office before your first meeting. While this sounds impossible, it could be a reality in the metaverse.  With applications including new virtual office spaces, hands-on training in a completely […]

What Are Social Tokens?

Social tokens are a type of cryptocurrency – but this particular version is specific to an online community or influencer. They allow these creatives and communities to issue their own form of currency, creating an all-new path for monetization and revenue growth that also drives engagement.  How Are Social Tokens Used? One of the reasons […]

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