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Should Your Association Still Bother with Twitter?

Even if you’re not involved with producing your association’s social media content, chances are pretty good you’ve at least heard that things have been a little — ah — interesting at Twitter headquarters in the past few months.  If not, here’s a quick catch-up: Entrepreneur and social lightning rod Elon Musk infamously purchased the social […]

Should Southwest’s Holiday Meltdown Be a Warning for Associations?

With some of the harshest winter conditions to date, many Americans were left reeling during the holiday season – particularly in the travel industry. Severe weather conditions, power outages and antiquated technology all led to over 12,000 canceled flights over the holiday weekend.  While your organization may not be charged with moving people on the busiest […]

Can ChatGPT Become an AI Tool for Associations?

As the AI landscape continues to evolve, so do the emerging tools. One of the latest and most popular is ChatGPT. Built by OpenAI, the creators of DALL·E 2, this tool provides a more human experience with a widely used marketing tool – chatbots.  And there’s no doubt it can have significant applications, with over a […]

How Are Associations Leveraging Blockchain Technology?

When it comes to technology, nothing stays the same for too long. Tools and processes alike become obsolete and replaced with new ones – then the cycle repeats. In recent years, one of the most groundbreaking technologies to emerge is blockchain. Although tech doesn't always pair well with other disciplines, in this case, we’re seeing […]

Should You Streamline Your Association's Subscriptions?

We’ve all seen the ads online and heard them on our favorite podcasts, too – many of us are paying a lot of money for subscriptions. And this includes subscriptions for services we barely use! Apps and online services are eager to help us trim our bloated personal or professional budgets. How does this extend to […]

Can Tech Layoffs Positively Impact Association Hiring?

At a time when many people are looking ahead to holiday gift-buying and expensive travel to visit family or go on vacation, some workers – particularly those in the tech sectors – are facing disappointing layoffs. While stressful for those undergoing them, these layoffs could positively impact associations’ workforce.  The layoffs alarm bell sounded for what felt […]

What Is Crypto Philanthropy?

Crypto philanthropy is the charitable giving of financial support by donating cryptocurrency instead of cash, stock or other assets. It’s a rapidly growing field of philanthropy that can have far-reaching implications on the association and nonprofit space. From 2020 to 2021, The Giving Block raised over 100 million in crypto donations and went from a […]

The Business Case for AI in Associations

From organizing our social media feeds to recommending the best shows and restaurants, artificial intelligence has become a routine part of our day to day. While these use cases are familiar, they’re only an intro to the possibilities for AI in the business sector. As associations look to get buy-in on AI's uses, looking at […]

8 Must-try AI and Web3 Apps for Association Professionals

From community building of the future to marketing automation, the world of AI and Web3 offers plenty of opportunities for associations. However, it can be daunting to dabble with tools and platforms you’re not familiar with. The good news is you don’t need a highly technical background to get started – just some healthy curiosity and […]

digitalNow 2022 Day 2: Web3, The Next Generation of Community

As associations everywhere look for ways to engage with their members, create communities and experiment with emerging technologies, Web3 is the potential intersection. However, with so many buzzwords and startling headlines, how can organizations know where to experiment and whether or not it’s safe?  For day 2 of digitalNow 2022, we set out to answer […]

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