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Disrupt or Be Disrupted: How to Transform Your Innovation Pipeline

By Sheri Jacobs, FASAE, CAE, President & CEO, Avenue M Group Picture yourself on the precipice of a ski slope in Colorado. It’s the first run of the day, and the snow on the perfectly groomed hill beckons for you to start the run. The cool mountain air fills your lungs, and excitement courses through […]

5 Steps to Deliver Better Positive Feedback that Reduces Turnover

Over the last several years, we’ve seen the emergence of trends like quiet quitting and heightened turnover. These trends are largely underpinned by one common fact – 49% of workers don’t feel highly satisfied by their jobs. How can you make sure that your team doesn’t join that number? By ensuring that consistent and effective […]

How to Embrace Change and Navigate the Challenges of AI Adoption in Associations 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is promising to revolutionize the way organizations operate and innovate. Associations, too, are beginning to explore the potential of AI to enhance their services, streamline operations, and drive growth. However, navigating the world of AI adoption requires more than just implementing new technologies. It demands effective change management strategies that address the […]

How to Use the Learn/Experiment/Build Framework to Create a Culture of Change 

Change is inevitable, but it’s also uncomfortable. And associations aren’t immune to this reality.  Embracing change can be challenging, especially for organizations that have been around for a long time and have established ways of doing things.   But to stay relevant and effectively serve their members, associations need to be adaptable and open to […]

Tips for Offboarding Association Volunteers (Without the Hard Feelings)

Volunteers are an integral part of an association's staff. They commit their time and expertise to help move the mission forward and do it solely to help. And while having a large pool of volunteers is never a bad thing, holding onto them for years could be a problem.   Whether your volunteers are reluctant to […]

Be Unbusinesslike: Why Associations are Better Than Corporations

Name a model organization. What did you think of? Probably a corporation, exuding strategy and efficiency, with an engine of innovation and progress, like Apple, Amazon or Google. You probably don’t think of an association; they have little in common with the corporations typically held up as beacons of organizational success. But is that a […]

Demystifying APIs: A Non-Technical Guide for Association Leaders to Select Robust Software Solutions

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, software solutions play a critical role in the success of any organization, including professional associations. To stay competitive and efficient, associations must adopt software that seamlessly integrates with their existing systems and is easily extensible to accommodate future needs. A key component enabling this integration and extensibility is the […]

Why Associations Must Consider Veterans in Their Inclusion Strategy

Associations usually lead the charge in championing inclusivity, diversity and accessibility, encouraging and fostering a welcoming environment for everyone. We form affinity groups to ensure the underrepresented have a voice in shaping the strategic direction of an organization, to create a space for listening to member needs, and to harness the power of the association […]

Must-Try AI Tools for Associations & Non-Profits

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months, AI has taken the world by storm. ChatGPT is up to 13M daily users, Microsoft has integrated AI into their Bing search tool and organizations are left wondering how this technology will impact business.  Whether you realize it or not, artificial intelligence is […]

Inspiring Associations to Embrace the Possibilities of Generative AI

Despite the significant benefits of generative AI, many association leaders are telling me that they are hesitant to embrace this cutting-edge technology due to various factors – including a history of having challenges using new tech. When airplanes first took flight, some looked up in awe and were inspired to think big. Others looked away […]

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