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Should Associations Still Be Thinking About Web3?

Inflation. Layoffs. Crypto-Winter. The promised nirvana of Web3 seems further away now than ever before. So was it all just a fad? Does the current economic downturn invalidate the Web3 movement? Web3?... Or Blockchain? Let's begin by considering the term itself. “Web3” is essentially a pop-culture rebrand of blockchain technology. The “Web3” moniker was first coined back in 2014 by Ethereum co-founder Gavin […]

The Principles Behind Our Platform Rebuild

When we first announced that Sidecar would be rebuilding our platform from scratch, we were so excited by the reaction we heard from other associations thinking through the exact same problems.  A few of you even reached out wanting to hear more about the project (let us know if you would, too!), and we ended […]

What Associations Should Know About Smart Contracts

In its simplest form, a smart contract is an agreement between two people in the form of computer code, which self-executes when those terms are met. Think of smart contracts as fancy “if-then" statements, coded on a blockchain to create specific actions in the future. Such actions might include the releasing of funds, sending notifications, […]

Why We’re Rebuilding the Sidecar Platform

The decision to rebuild Sidecar’s tech platform wasn’t so much the result of a single frustration or a lightning bolt of clarity. Instead, the realization came on slowly in how we used our website and interacted with our members day-to-day. In almost every touchpoint, we were left wanting in the data we gathered, the experience […]

Everything You Need to Know About Digital Transformation

As the world becomes more reliant on technology, many associations begin pondering whether or not a digital transformation is needed. For many, digital transformation is a buzzword that tries to explain how organizations reach a future version of themselves. According to Deloitte, 85% of CEOs accelerated some type of digital transformation during the pandemic. However, […]

Achieving Success With Apprenticeship in the Modern Workplace

With the Great Resignation underway and ever-changing economic and social conditions, employees are actively looking for more out of their professional lives. Today’s workers want more than just a job to pay the bills — they want a fulfilling career and to work where they feel valued, are invested in and have the means to […]

Is Outdated Thinking Affecting Your Association?

Digital transformation continues to be at the forefront for many organization staffers. However, they may not realize that one of the biggest obstacles in their way is their own culture and thinking. Not only does this slow down change and innovation, but in many instances, it also affects membership as well. So, how can organizations […]

Why a digital-first culture starts with education

When I first heard the term “digital first culture,” I was unimpressed. Don’t we already live in a digital first culture? Most of us use the internet and social media, so I didn’t get it, what was the big deal? To have a digital first culture, your organization must do more than add nifty technological […]

Ready for a digital transformation? Focus on these 4 areas

It’s time for associations to think of a digital transformation as a business model transformation, which means business strategy, technology strategy and — most often — a cultural transformation. A well thought-out, long-term digital pathway can ensure the viability of our organizations, and help us reshape the customer value experience to meet customer needs and […]

6 Ways Associations Can Engage Young Professionals

Young professional members are the future of associations, so it is vital to keep them involved. As a young professional (YP) myself, I can tell you that what we want most from associations is a sense of community. This includes being able to make personal connections, use available programs and services to fill gaps in […]

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