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Must-Try AI Tools for Associations & Non-Profits

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months, AI has taken the world by storm. ChatGPT is up to 13M daily users, Microsoft has integrated AI into their Bing search tool and organizations are left wondering how this technology will impact business.  Whether you realize it or not, artificial intelligence is […]

Inspiring Associations to Embrace the Possibilities of Generative AI

Despite the significant benefits of generative AI, many association leaders are telling me that they are hesitant to embrace this cutting-edge technology due to various factors – including a history of having challenges using new tech. When airplanes first took flight, some looked up in awe and were inspired to think big. Others looked away […]

Sidecar Water Cooler: Is AI Putting Our Jobs at Risk?

Is your job secure? Or are you worried that you might be replaced by AI anytime now? Welcome to the Sidecar Water Cooler Show, the show that will hydrate, educate and motivate you to have a splendid workweek. ChatGPT is the new buzzword in the business world, and for good reason.  A week after its […]

Can ChatGPT Become an AI Tool for Associations?

As the AI landscape continues to evolve, so do the emerging tools. One of the latest and most popular is ChatGPT. Built by OpenAI, the creators of DALL·E 2, this tool provides a more human experience with a widely used marketing tool – chatbots.  And there’s no doubt it can have significant applications, with over a […]

Building a Board of Directors Onboarding Plan

Associations are unique in many ways, but one thing they all have in common is the need for strong leadership at the helm – more specifically – your board of directors. So what happens once you’ve recruited or appointed the best people for the job? Setting them up for success can make all the difference and it […]

digitalNow 2022 Virtual – Planning Your Schedule

At digitalNow 2022, we tackled the exciting and complex world of artificial intelligence and Web3. From sessions on integrating AI into your association marketing to exploring the complex and exciting world of cryptocurrencies, there was a lot to tackle. Thankfully, there’s still time to relive all that amazing content.    digitalNow 2022 Virtual is on October […]

digitalNow 2022 Day 2: Web3, The Next Generation of Community

As associations everywhere look for ways to engage with their members, create communities and experiment with emerging technologies, Web3 is the potential intersection. However, with so many buzzwords and startling headlines, how can organizations know where to experiment and whether or not it’s safe?  For day 2 of digitalNow 2022, we set out to answer […]

Should Associations Still Be Thinking About Web3?

Inflation. Layoffs. Crypto-Winter. The promised nirvana of Web3 seems further away now than ever before. So was it all just a fad? Does the current economic downturn invalidate the Web3 movement? Web3?... Or Blockchain? Let's begin by considering the term itself. “Web3” is essentially a pop-culture rebrand of blockchain technology. The “Web3” moniker was first coined back in 2014 by Ethereum co-founder Gavin […]

The Principles Behind Our Platform Rebuild

When we first announced that Sidecar would be rebuilding our platform from scratch, we were so excited by the reaction we heard from other associations thinking through the exact same problems.  A few of you even reached out wanting to hear more about the project (let us know if you would, too!), and we ended […]

What Associations Should Know About Smart Contracts

In its simplest form, a smart contract is an agreement between two people in the form of computer code, which self-executes when those terms are met. Think of smart contracts as fancy “if-then" statements, coded on a blockchain to create specific actions in the future. Such actions might include the releasing of funds, sending notifications, […]

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