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10 steps to make your virtual event worth watching

April 7, 2021

Wednesday | 11:00AM (ET)

About this event

The move to virtual has been quick, with no real standards in place. Things are still clunky, like the first few dates with someone new. You think you like them, but don’t know whether or not you’re compatible, so you ask all sorts of awkward questions, or do all sorts of awkward activities trying to connect. Virtual events still feel that way, right?

But what if they didn't have to? What if the opportunity for connection still exists, it just looks different because the way people connect *is* different and the way we engage has changed.

Let’s be clear: Anyone who says they’re an “expert” in how to execute virtual events is lying — full stop. It’s difficult to be an expert at something that is still so incredibly new. This session will unpack the new ways we're all learning to create connection, and the new opportunities for engagement within every event- virtual, IRL, and hybrid alike. From new technology solutions to opportunities for real human moments we'll discuss how to create true points of connection, raving fans, and ecstatic members.

  1. Discuss the ten steps to successful virtualized event engagement
  2. Unpack how to design YOUR (or your client's) perfect virtual experience and how to build the partner team to make that vision a reality
  3. Let's Build the M(inimum)V(iable)P(rogram)
  4. Discuss steps you can take and solutions you can use right now to add opportunities for virtual engagement into your existing events

CAE credit certificates for 1 hour will be available for attendees!

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J. Damany Daniel

Chief Imaginator, The Event Nerd

J. Damany Daniel (the J is silent) hails from Brooklyn, NY, and merges all the style of the big city with the charm, warmth, and humour (yes, with a “u”- he secretly wants to be Australian) of one of your best friends. An experienced and award-winning event producer, Damany (AKA “The Event Nerd”) has produced experiences for clients across the globe and always brings a unique flair to everything he touches. An avid student of emerging trends in technology and storytelling and the impact of community and culture, this event nerd firmly believes that technology can do more than just amaze people at events. If used properly, technology can and does provide opportunities to connect people, extend the reach of events far past the closing curtain, and create immersive experiences that have guests and clients alike connected with the cause and experience in ways they never thought possible. Listed as one of Special Events Magazine's 30 under 40 to watch, Damany's passion for technology is matched only by his love of the arts and culture.

A humorous and engaging presenter, Damany brings his passion for experiences and his love of people to everything he is a part of. An avid lover of music and dancing, Damany’s been known to tear up more than a few dance floors in his time. When he’s not dancing, producing events, or “nerding out” over the study of creativity, Damany’s indulging in his love for great food, delicious brews, and scintillating conversation.

In addition to his work leading the badassery that is The Event Nerd team, Damany's commitment to culture is shown through his work within the city as a founding member of Dallas’ Mayor’s Star Council, and within the historic Deep Ellum community of Dallas as a Trustee of the Deep Ellum Foundation. By working and celebrating its successes, Damany continues to stand as a creative leader within the community and the city.

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