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Run the Meeting Like a Pro: Intro to Microsoft Teams

Webinar: Sept. 28, 2022

Use of Microsoft Teams and other virtual meeting softwares has only grown. Conducting meetings with coworkers, prospects and organizations scattered across the globe has become the norm in our increasingly virtual world. So how do we adapt to support meeting effectiveness? And how do we determine which format will work best for our team?

Join Sidecar and Clear Path Founder Dave O’Connell as we learn how to navigate the many Meetings options for Microsoft and learn what the best options are for holding effective meetings!

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Why Microsoft Teams?

Teams is being widely adopted by many organizations because it is the native Microsoft option and interacts with all their other widely used tools: Word, Excel, PPT, etc and is often included in an organization’s existing software arsenal. And Teams has the capabilities - a LOT of capabilities - to hold effective meetings between co-workers, for client or member interactions, to speak to prospects, etc.

In this 30-minute webinar, you'll learn:

How to create a one-on-one meetings via Chat
How to create group meetings with more than one co-worker
How to schedule a meeting with members/clients using the Calendar
What meeting options are available while holding meetings and how to use them

Meet Dave O'Connell

Dave is an Experienced IT leader and adult educator with 25-year history in managing and developing teams and delivering technical training across multiple Enterprise level CRM and AMS platforms. He is focused on deploying training via blended solutions including virtual, web based, instructor led, and self-directed techniques. Dave has a deep and practical knowledge of adult learning styles and instructional methodologies and is flexible in his delivery. He looks forward to the continued opportunities to improve IT learning effectively and efficiently with For Profit businesses, Associations, and Non-Profit clients.
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