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How to market your hybrid event

Nov 19, 2020

Thursday | 10:00AM (CST)

About this event

This virtual workshop originally aired Nov. 19, 2020.

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Hybrid events present a unique set of challenges — and not just in terms of production.
Marketing a hybrid event, which combines a live, in-person event with a virtual one, is also a unique and challenging job.

What are the different ways a hybrid event can be positioned? Should the live and virtual components be promoted separately or together? How should marketing timelines and budgets shift in a hybrid world?

As event managers and association leaders look toward their plans for 2021, Aidan Augustin, Co-Founder and President of Feathr, will walk us through practical tips and considerations to successfully market our hybrid events.

Attend this 60-minute virtual workshop, and you’ll walk away knowing:

  • How to best position the virtual and live components of your hybrid event
  • The key questions you and your team should consider in crafting a marketing plan
  • How to acknowledge and satisfy new considerations that live event attendees have in today’s new reality

This virtual workshop, brought to you by and presented by Feathr, is perfect for association leaders, content managers, event professionals and marketing teams beginning to outline how they’ll create and promote future events.

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Aidan Augustin

Co-Founder and President of Feathr

An industry-leading tech company building marketing tools specifically tailored to the needs of associations and event organizers. Feathr has helped over 800 associations and 5,000 conferences, trade shows, and virtual events grow attendance, member engagement, and digital sponsorship revenue. Based out of their Gainesville, FL headquarters, Aidan leads the sales and marketing functions of Feathr and spearheads industry engagement. He is an actively involved member of both ASAE and IAEE and a regular speaker on the topics of digital marketing and event/association technology.

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