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Better Data, Better Decisions.

How to Merge Your Sources and Clean Your Data to Effectively Impact Your Members

November 16, 2023 | 10 CT/11 ET

Is your association struggling to gain a unified view of your members? Is outdated, incomplete, or inconsistent data impeding effective member service and the potential for personalized marketing?  With more data entering the system every day, how do we clean up what we already have and ensure new information isn’t following the same path?

If the quality of your data is holding you back and the quantity of it is keeping you from making changes, the solution is in reach.

Join Sidecar, MemberJunction, Skip, and PropFuel as we define data quality and dive into the implications it has on your organization. Better your communications, personalize your outreach, and impact your community by improving your collected information.

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In this free 1-hour session, you'll learn:

The difference between good and bad data and the impact both can have on an organization.
How to employ automated processes to clean up your data and better connect with your members.
How to enrich and verify you data as part of an overall data governance strategy.
You'll also receive 1 free CAE Credit.

Meet your speakers.

Hilton Gray | Co-Founder, MemberJunction

Hilton is Co-Founder of the MemberJunction platform – an open-source solution aimed at democratizing association technology and rapidly accelerating the rate of innovation within member-based organizations. Prior to launching MemberJunction, Hilton served in leadership roles within the Services, Support, and Customer Success groups at Aptify and later Community Brands.

Introduced to the association and nonprofit community via the technology sector, Hilton has strived to find ways to use his technical and critical thinking skills to promote social good and for two decades has worked with organizations across the spectrum to streamline and improve operations in pursuit of their missions. Hilton holds degrees in Computer Science from MIT and Management Science from MIT Sloan and currently resides in the Charlotte Metro area.

Cameron Aubuchon | Co-Founder, PropFuel

Cameron Aubuchon is Co-founder of PropFuel – a conversational engagement platform that helps associations turn broadcast communications into conversations. In his role as President & CTO, Cameron leads the product and development efforts at PropFuel. Prior to co-founding PropFuel in 2017, Cameron worked at Peach New Media, serving as CTO until selling to Abila in 2015.

Cameron graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in Computational Media and has spent his entire career in the association software space. He currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife and 3 young children. If he is not at his desk, you can find him chasing his kids around, in the school carpool line or playing a round of golf.
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