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How to predict and prevent member churn

Sep 10, 2020

Thursday | 10:00AM (CST)

About this event

Retaining your members doesn’t have to be complicated or require sophisticated tools. In this workshop, we learned from two predictive analytics experts who taught us how to predict which members are likely to leave your organization, and how you can prevent them from leaving.

Dray McFarlane and Thomas Altman offered a simple Microsoft Excel workbook that can use the data you already have to forecast the likelihood a member will leave. They showed us how to craft strategies to target specific groups of members, and give you a framework to understand if and how much of a discount you can offer members to keep them.

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Dray McFarlane

Co-Founder of Tasio

After an education focused on technology and economics, Dray has spent over a decade providing associations with technology solutions. In that time, Dray loved getting to dive deeply into the goals and challenges of a group driven by passion to support their missions in the best ways possible. Immersing himself in their needs and getting an understanding of their business has been a constantly evolving and incredibly rewarding experience. Founding Tasio gave Dray the opportunity to continue on this path, applying all the knowledge and expertise he’s gained about associations in new and interesting ways.

Thomas Altman

CEO and co-founder of Tasio

Thomas Altman is a data scientist, association expert and entrepreneur. His first introduction to the world of associations was a decade ago when he took a job implementing AMS solutions right out of graduate school. With a degree in applied statistics and machine learning, he immediately saw a gap in what associations were doing with data and what was possible. He saw data either go unused or used to create flashy dashboards that had no impact on helping associations deliver on their missions. Thomas quickly realized that analytics that don't lead to measurable action are, at best, entertainment and, at worst, a waste of resources. He's dedicated his career to changing that and helping associations create data-driven action plans so they can know what needs to be done and know that it's working.

Thomas is also a proud husband and father of a 2 year old. Having visited 52 countries, he's a prodigious traveler. He's a big foodie and a certified sommelier.

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