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Learn to Create and Use PivotTables

August 9, 2022

Tuesday | 10:00AM (CST)

About this event

There are two thoughts in the world about Excel - you either love it or tolerate it. However, there is one hidden gem that can take you from a “data wrangler” to your organization’s “data star” - PivotTables!

Why PivotTable? 

PivotTables are an interactive way of taking a large amount of data and summarizing it in a user-friendly way. This tool can be used to quickly answer many important organizational questions. When you use a PivotTable you will calculate, summarize and analyze data that will then let you see patterns, comparisons and trends.

Join Sidecar and Clear Path Founder Dave O’Connell as we learn how to easily create PivotTables and use them to analyze and unveil critical data points for your organization.

In this 30-minute webinar, you will learn:

  • What PivotTables are used for
  • How to create a PivotTable
  • Tips and Tricks on for using, reading and creating a PivotTables

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Dave O'Connell

Founder, Clear Path

Dave is an Experienced IT leader and adult educator with 25-year history in managing and developing teams and delivering technical training across multiple Enterprise level CRM and AMS platforms. He is focused on deploying training via blended solutions including virtual, web based, instructor led, and self-directed techniques. Dave has a deep and practical knowledge of adult learning styles and instructional methodologies and is flexible in his delivery.  He looks forward to the continued opportunities to improve IT learning effectively and efficiently with For Profit businesses, Associations, and Non-Profit clients.

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