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Overcoming Hotel Contract Challenges in a “Seller’s” Market

Free Webinar | February 14th, 10:00 am CT

Understanding and negotiating your hotel contract is an important step in the event planning process.

During this process have you encountered one of these roadblocks or questions?
Have you had difficulty getting hotels to respond to your RFPs or inquiries?
Is your venue honoring Food and Beverage Commitments?
Do you wonder if your contract clauses will hold up in case of a conflict?

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Expertly negotiating hotel contracts can directly impact savings for an association and help create the best experience possible for your members, which helps to make sure you drive up engagement and registration for every event.

Join Hotel Contracting expert Therese Jardine for tips to overcome these and other hotel contracting challenges. Therese keeps her finger on the pulse of the hotel industry and will share what hoteliers are saying about contracting in the current climate. They are overwhelmed with leads and are managing with fewer staff. How can you get their attention? And when you do, how can you make sure your event is delivered as expected? This webinar will offer thought-provoking tips and contract strategies to help you through the current environment.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

How to effectively navigate the negotiation process of a hotel contract.
Different tips and contract strategies to apply when planning an event.
Helpful strategies to effectively develop, negotiate and manage contracts and contracting relationships.

Meet your speaker!

Therese Jardine

Therese is the Founder and CEO of Strategic Event Procurement. She has over 18 years’ experience in events and hotel contracting. Therese is an award-winning Procurement Strategist and achieved a 900% ROI when she implemented Microsoft’s VenueSource program. She cut the contracting timeline by 30% and saved over $250 million in less than seven years.

Dubbed “MacGyver” by her friends, Therese is a resourceful problem solver, and can fix almost anything. She brings this resourcefulness to her clients and has the tools and expertise to guide them to a successful Contracting and Procurement Strategy for their event portfolios. Therese takes the Pain out of Procurement for Events!

Therese knows the importance of incorporating fun into daily life. Once you’ve worked with her, you’ll never look at Procurement the same way again. Therese shares her office with Phoenix, her Director of Community Engagement. He is a 9-month-old Golden Retriever/Border Collie who does double/triple duty as fitness coach and kitchen patrol.
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