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Are you doing your best to onboard employees virtually?

image AshleyNeal image imageJuly 23, 2021 image image3 min. to read
Are you doing your best to onboard employees virtually?

When the world quarantined in 2020, working remotely was a necessity. Now that the world is finding its new normal, remote work is thriving. The benefits of remote work have opened up opportunities for many employees and their employers, including for associations. But the question remains: How do you connect and train with new employees virtually?

Jonathan Carbin, a training manager at, joins Sidecar to help answer this question during “Virtual onboarding: How to communicate expectations, promote company culture and create connections,” a webinar designed to help identify the critical role of creating and protecting company culture during virtual onboarding, develop a plan to welcome new employees virtually and define what virtual onboarding looks like for your organization. 

Through his work with, Carbin has experience executing large-scale new hire onboarding and continuing education programs. His passion for building educational experiences that deliver measurable business results and for creating environments where employees are empowered to do the best work of their careers is truly reflected in this webinar.

Pivoting off of Carbin’s insight and experience, Laura Caputo Esq., the chief of staff to the CEO of the Turnaround Management Association, Sharon Kneebone, CAE, IOM, the executive director for the National Society for Histotechnology and Wade Koehler, CAE, the owner of Forte Association Management Company will join together to continue the conversation by sharing how they are applying effective virtual onboarding techniques within their associations.

Virtual onboarding: How to communicate expectations, promote company culture and create connections” will be held virtually on Wednesday, July 28th at 1 p.m. CT. This webinar is presented by D2L, the creator of Brightspace, a learning platform for associations that values member success as a driver of association success. 

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Ashley Neal joined the Sidecar team in March of 2020, right as the COVID-19 pandemic began to shut down life as we knew it. Having to adapt, overcome and predict the changes needed to survive in the new normal, Ashley now has the skills needed to juggle any obstacle thrown her way. A graduate from Southeastern Louisiana University in the field of Strategic Communications, Ashley spends her days balancing her work with her love of dogs. Taking her large pack of dogs to restaurants, hiking trails, vacations and even participating in dog shows and sports is the highlight of her weekends.

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