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How to contribute

We firmly believe the best way to get better is to get better together. That’s why we’re invested in bringing unique voices to Sidecar’s blog and virtual workshops.

Wondering how you can get involved with us?

A great first step is to read our About page, which explains what we do and why we do it. Then, check out our tips:

What to write

We publish educational and inspirational content aimed at encouraging growth, leadership and innovation in associations and nonprofits by learning from creative innovators. We look for ideas that challenge the status quo, offer actionable how-to guides, offer a new take on an old problem or suggest concepts that might be a little out of the box.


Rates are 50 cents per word, and blogs generally run from 400 to 800 words, depending on the subject.

How to pitch your blog post idea

Send an email with “PITCH” in the subject line to with a few thoughts about your idea, any potential sources and why you think it might resonate with our audience.

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