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There are two thoughts in the world about Excel - you either love it or tolerate it. However, there is one hidden gem that can take you from a “data wrangler” to your organization’s “data star” - PivotTables! Join Dave O'Connell as he walks you through everything you need to: […]
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Whether you realize it or not, AI is already a critical part of your daily routine. Always wondered how Amazon knew just the product to suggest when you’re about to start shopping? Curious as to how Netflix suggests that next serial killer docuseries right after you finish one?

That's artificial intelligence.

But how did we get here? Here is what you should know about AI!

Flexibility and adaptability are more than philosophies or concepts. These are skills that can be learned, taught, trained and coached. Employing these skills effectively results in greater support of members, advancement of an organization and ability to capitalize upon opportunities -- all in an effort to advance the mission of […]
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As organizations continue to add staffers in hybrid and fully remote capacities, the traditional onboarding process has quickly become outdated. Creating a healthy virtual onboarding plan means moving away from the 90-day model and creating a more holistic approach that ensures ongoing support and success for your team. Phoebe Gavin […]
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Each person, member or not, has their own set of needs that you're trying to meet. Traditional marketing has us speaking to segments based on behaviors and transactions. And often traditional broadcasts are about what the association has to offer rather than what it is the member actually needs right […]
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The association industry is filled with divisive topics, and now is the chance to battle it out on stage at SURGE Explore! Gone are the days of tame discussions and boring zoom calls – this exciting debate will pit our attendees against one another as they “duke it out” over […]
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The "great resignation" is a brilliant phrase to use if you're seeking to dodge accountability. Adults in the USA are projected to spend 60% of our prime adult lives at work, and substantial segment of these working adults are feeling empowered to calculate their personal ROI for their perceived value […]
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You were born influential, a natural at persuading others to take care of you. But then you were taught to suppress that power, follow the rules, wait your turn, and not make waves. But influence is the secret sauce that brings great ideas to life and makes people want to […]
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This panel will explore how unique nonprofit organizations and association management firms implement and advance thoughtful workplace cultures. The panelists will discuss how COVID is evolving the workplace and how their organizations are actively advancing and living core values and culture priorities to ensure a collaborative and healthy workplace.
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Adult learners are more selective of learning experiences and making decisions on where/when to attend in-person and online programs. Information is pervasive and new content must be searchable 24/7/365. Professional associations face new challenges and competition to maintain their primary provider position in the continuing professional development marketplace. Join Dr. […]
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