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5-Star Professional Development Results on a 1-Star Budget



What to Expect from 5-Star Professional Development Results on a 1-Star Budget

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This session will explore a common challenge in the association world: a team of dedicated staff who need professional development to do their jobs efficiently and effectively on a limited budget, or no budget at all.

The speakers will explore the importance of professional development, the role organizational culture plays in being successful with professional development and a long list of opportunities that can be provided to your team, many for free and nothing over $25.

  • ALLEN LLOYD, CAE, Executive Director, Montana Society of CPAs
  • DANA MURN-KOHAL, Membership Manager, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • DAVID E. ELLIOTT, MSC, CTDP, Performance Improvement Facilitator, Pallium Canada
  • JENN REID, MLIS, PMP, CTDP, Senior Manager & Learning Partner, T&O and Corporate Areas (TOCA)

This session originally aired as part of SURGE in the spring of 2018.

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