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A Glimpse Into the Future of Global Associations



What to Expect from A Glimpse Into the Future of Global Associations

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Representatives from the frontlines of the association community across the world unite to share a social and economic snapshot of each of their regions. Tuning in from Southeast Asia, the United States, Europe, Africa and Australia, this update provides an overview of the association activities making waves in each locale. What unites us and distinguishes us as association professionals on different continents? What can we learn from each other? How can we build a worldwide association movement to strengthen our industries and society as a whole? In a virtual world, let’s think internationally.

  • FLORENCE BINDELLE, Secretary General at EuropeanIssuers, President at ESAE
  • JEFFERS MIRUKA, President and Founder, African Society of Association Executives (AfSAE)
  • JOAN TEZAK, Executive Director, Colorado Society of Association Executives (CSAE)
  • JOHN PEACOCK, Chief Executive Officer, Associations Forum
  • KEVIN ORDONEZ, Co-Founder, .orgCommunity
  • OCTAVIO “BOBBY” PERALTA, CEO & Founder, Philippine Council of Associations and Association Executives (PCAAE)
  • REGGIE HENRY, CAE, Chief Information and Engagement Officer, American Society of Association Executives (ASAE)
  • SHERRY BUDZIAK, Co-Founder, .orgCommunity

This session originally aired as part of SURGE Optimism in 2018.

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