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Aligning Culture and Brand with a Modern Value Proposition



What to Expect from Aligning Culture and Brand with a Modern Value Proposition

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This session will first discuss the Modern Value Proposition – what it is, how you develop it, and why it's the most critical piece in any marketing strategy. Attendees will then be led through a Corporate Identity Matrix (CIM) exercise that provides a clear, unified brand identity for communicating internally and externally. The CIM also provides culture alignment, value proposition, and key branding elements to be used in all creative. This alignment results in a greater commitment to the brand, sharper positioning in the marketplace, a stronger sense of belonging to the group, and more coherent marketing and communications.

The framework we've adapted for associations, developed by Stephen Greyser and Mats Urde of Harvard, guides teams through a structured set of questions about the association. Each questions focuses on one element of the organization's identity. There are nine elements in total arranged in three layers of internal and external elements. Attendees will walk away with a start to their own CIM for their organization and a greater understanding of how aligning the right value proposition with their culture, values, and brand is a focused, necessary approach to any marketing strategy.

Speakers: Dede Gish-Panjada, Jeanne Sheehy

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