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Creating Sustaining Value for Members and Their Ecosystem



What to Expect from Creating Sustaining Value for Members and Their Ecosystem

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Digital is everywhere. Members as stakeholders, and as consumers, are directly and indirectly being impacted by technology and disruption. This session will explore how CRP's journey is redefining its value proposition for its members in the face ongoing disruption. CRP identified where the key issues and factors were impacting its members and how new and sustaining value needs to be provided. CRP then looked at the gaps and issues in its deliverables, business processes, and member experience. This provided the basis for creating a roadmap and execution plan to develop a strategic value proposition. Key questions that needed to be addressed with staff and the board: What matters and how do we measure it? How do we go about making "value impacts" in this new digital landscape? How do you build an executable strategy that looks at system dependencies, talent, change management, priority alignment with staff and volunteers? This CEO-to-CEO conversation will provide a roadmap for creating a vision and strategy for an operational foundation, at all levels, in order to achieve revenue growth and create a real impact.

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