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Cultivating Critical Wisdom for the 21st Century



What to Expect from Cultivating Critical Wisdom for the 21st Century

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What is the difference between divergent and convergent problem-solving? How does complexity theory apply in management and leadership? Why is it important for a leader to understand cognitive heuristics and biases to achieve better business outcomes? Why is design thinking and agility critical for all leaders? From digital disruption to artificial intelligence to globalization and automation, businesses are facing an environment of complexity, uncertainty and volatility. Instead of falling victim to these changes, leaders should seize the opportunity to evolve and nurture the leadership competencies and wisdom to proactively drive that evolution.

Using an intentional approach, focusing on concepts rather than context, Minerva mapped 80 learning outcomes (habits of mind; foundational concepts) critical for leadership in the 21st Century. In this interactive session, we share this core set of habits of mind and mental models that leaders need to guide their organizations to thrive in a constantly-evolving environment. Focusing on systems thinking, behavioral science, and cutting-edge decision making and innovation techniques, participants will have the opportunity to identify practical applications of these models for their learning and development programs.

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