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Disrupted, But Not Defeated: How to Remain Relevant in the Midst of Change



What to Expect from Disrupted, But Not Defeated: How to Remain Relevant in the Midst of Change

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If you've experience some level of disruption over the last year or so from the Triple Pandemic (Health, Economy, Inequality) and are faced with ensuring your membership organization remains relevant in the midst of change - this session can help advance your progress. The membership marketplace is changing in terms of its demographics, its competition, and in many other ways. In these changing times, consideration of emerging trends and key data is crucial to successfully sustain value and ensure membership growth within your organization.

In this interactive session, access information to help you understand issues that are affecting the marketplace and interact with peers to discuss and exchange views and perspectives. In short, leveraging strategic conversations, tools, resources and strategies to better manage disruption is imperative. Attendees will come away with practical information and solutions on how to move forward for future relevancy and sustainability.

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