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Do More With Less... Activate Your Community



What to Expect from Do More With Less... Activate Your Community

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In a new normal in which we are all required to "do more with less," a fresh way of thinking is a must. The ability to expand while consolidating simultaneously will be the path to not only survival but the opportunity to thrive. Josh Hotsenpiller will share how by harnessing the power of a 365-day platform as the primary delivery of events, content, education and connections can exponential increase your value and revenue opportunities. Further, when unlocking real-time analytics you can pivot instantaneously to further engage your audience. The importance of making each and every day count is more important than ever. Josh will share three questions you must say yes to every day in order to win in today's landscape. Learning Outcomes/Key Takeaways: Connecting to others is a lot like connecting to WiFi. If you can say YES to 4 questions, the you can start the journey to secure meaningful connections that matter for your team's health and success. According to research, meaningful connections have the power to: build self esteem, increase happiness, and satisfy higher-level needs such as growth and development. Your time is limited, your demands are high, and your bandwidth is low. You have high-need and top-talent humans that report to you who desperately need your attention and approval. While you know you need to find the time and rhythms to invest in them, the last thing you have time to do is create a plan. Wouldn't you benefit from team members whose self-esteem, happiness, personal growth and development increased?

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