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Finding and Retaining Female Leaders in Technology



What to Expect from Finding and Retaining Female Leaders in Technology

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The pandemic has created some major changes: people working remotely, new safety and wellbeing programs, and more digital tools than ever. But the biggest change of all is now becoming clear: we're not going to have enough workers to go around.

Finding and retaining female leaders is one of the tools in your arsenal to address this shortage. However, as we come out of this pandemic, the latest research shows women have experienced a greater impact from this pandemic than their male counterparts. A report from TrustRadius found that 57% of women surveyed said they experienced more burnout than normal during the pandemic, compared to 36% of men who said the same. That might be because 44% of women reported taking on extra responsibilities at work, compared to 33% of men. And a greater number of women (33%) report taking on more childcare responsibilities than men (19%) at home.

The lack of women in leadership in technology is not simply a representational issue. Savvy leaders know that simply improving representation will not fix the culture and environment that excluded women in the first place. This will require a new focus on employee experience and engagement.

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