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Leadership Lab, with Verne Harnish



What to Expect from Leadership Lab, with Verne Harnish

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Bringing together the key elements of value on Day 1, strategy on Day 2, and the execution from his own keynote on Day 3, Verne will kick off our Day 3 Leadership Lab with the essential components of “Scaling Up” to reinvent and dominate your association profession, industry or sector. After spending the morning identifying growth tools, leadership rhythms, and the foundational execution habits essential to your leadership playbook and development, Verne will help us workshop answers to the Key questions you need to be asking — and answering — to execute on everything you learned at digitalNow.

Verne will walk us through each question so we can establish our own strategy for identifying the path to success in each one of our organizations. For every organization focused on growth, these are the questions you need to be asking.

Key issues include:

  • How your organization can use AI for better prediction without blowing up your budget
  • The importance of talk time and your top 25 influencers
  • Why you need to know your members’ jobs to be done
  • How developing a council is imperative to execution

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